To-Do Lists Instructions

Whether you have noticed a boat in need of repair or are looking for something to repair, this is the site for you.  Either is easy with these collection of to-do lists. 

Adding to-do items requires you to sign in to this site.  Anybody within the domain has access.  If you do not have a email address you can get access using your own email account but you will have to contact the site administrator or a club officer.  The pink sheets are still going to be used for damage reports but during every work party that information will be uploaded to this site.

Simply click on the relevant link, click on 'Add item', and type away.  To mark a task completed, click on the task again and check the box under the heading "Completed?".  While you have the freedom to delete the task, please let the fleet captains do so. This will enable him/her to easily monitor the progress of the fleet.

If you do not know what a part is called or what it does, just look at the bottom of the to-do-list items page and you will find a parts list for your vessel. 

For a list of fleet captains' emails go to the WYC Getting Involved Page.

Damage reports can be filled out by anybody having web access and they will be emailed to the fleet captain.  The emailed damage reports will be entered in the Work Party To-Do-List by the fleet captain.  A spreadsheet of all damage reports will be kept on file and accessible by the fleet captain.