Welcome to the Room 15 website.  Here's a few tips to navigate 2nd grade.

Please have your child keep their spelling list in their homework folder on the "Take Home, Bring Back" side, until we take the test.  We use that list to practice our spelling at home for homework and in class. The test will be on Thursday.  

They also need to keep their green homework sheet and W.O.W. words in the "Take Home, Bring Back" side so they have the words for class activities.

Please have your child read for 15 or more minutes a night. I like for them to choose books that are of interest. If they have something they are working on at home, they can read a "home book."  

Practicing addition and subtraction math facts daily can help your student's math fact fluency.  

Thank you for all your support!

Spelling Section:

Here's some more great ways to practice spelling words.

1.  Write each spelling word.  Circle the consonants in one color and the vowels in another.
2.  Write each word in rainbow colors.  Ask your child, they can show you how.
3.  Write each spelling word.  Write them again using capital letter for vowels and lower case for consonants.  Ex: store stOrE
4.  Choose 5 words and use them to write a question or exclamation.  Underline the spelling words.
5.  Write your spelling list in ABC order.
6.  Get a cup of water and a paint brush.  Water paint them on the side walk (less mess than chalk!).

Please practice this week's words at home every day.  Here are some additional at home practice ideas:

* air write the words with their fingers
* write them on the sidewalk with chalk
* practice them on paper
* hop and spell them
* write them in a tray of flour, salt or sugar
Here's a cheat sheet for figuring out your child's green homework sheet:

W.O.W. = words of the week
P.B.p. = practice book page (language arts)
h.w. = homework
ch. = chapter

Please remember to check your child's homework daily for accuracy, appropriately formed handwriting and if it's a writing assignment, to look for capitals and end punctuation.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesdays-  Morning Exercise
                         Remember your library book!

Thursdays- Music
                    Milk for sale for $0.50
                    Chocolate milk day

Friday       Morning Exercise
                    Ice cream for sale for $1.00