General Information from Mrs. Clawson

Washington Middle School students will have Computer Class for two consecutive terms this year.  Classes will be approximately 58 minutes long, and meet every other day.  

Students need to bring the following to class each day:
*    planner
*    pencil
*    folder for just Computer Class papers (folder could be separate or included in a binder)
 *   flash/thumb drive a minimum of 4 gb in size   ***NEW  (The Washington Middle School office is selling 4 gb flash drives for $6.25 that have a loop on them
                so they can go on a lanyard, have a flat spot so names can be written on them, and don't have caps that can easily be lost.) 

The following are needed for Computer Class, but won't you need them every day.  You should keep these in your locker until we need them OR you need them for another class.  PLEASE MARK YOUR NAME CLEARLY ON THESE.  If you take good care of them, they will last through all three years of Middle School at least!
        *    earbuds or headphones

What can't be brought into the Computer Lab:
*    water bottles or drinks of any kind UNLESS you place the bottle on the front table
*    food

You are allowed to chew gum in class UNLESS you are either too distracting with it or leave gum wrappers, gum, etc. at your work station.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  Why do I have to learn how to type with my hands covered?  
        The reason you are learning how to type without looking at your hands is that you will be able to type much faster and more accurately.  This will be a valuable skill to have when you get the free laptop from the Washington School District in 9th grade.  Teachers in the high school will expect you to be able to take notes on your laptop during class, as will teachers you have in any type of training past high school (college, trade school, etc.).  Although voice activated software programs are becoming more common, you will still need to know how to type your own notes, papers, projects, etc., as you go through school.  Even if you do not go on to further schooling or training past high school, many jobs require the ability to enter data in some way.  Maybe you will be the first one to develop a program that accurately records notes in a classroom of 30 students with no errors!

2.  How will I be graded?
        Just about every assignment in computer classes will be worth 10 points.  However, the different grade levels have different challenges, in addition to the timed, typing assessments.
       6th grade - Most of your grades will come from your typing or keyboarding skills assessments.  This is our primary focus of instruction.  Check out the 6th grade page for other areas you will be working on.  However, if you are struggling with your timed assessments, it is well worth your time to practice more outside of class!
        7th grade -  You will still be expanding on your keyboarding skills from 6th grade in order to make you more proficient.  About half of your grade will come from timed keyboarding assessments. The other half of your grade will come from various projects that you complete - check out the 7th grade page to see what you will be expected to know and learn!                     
       8th grade - Yes, you will be continuing to master your keyboarding skills!  However, only about 20-25% of your grade will come from keyboarding assessments.  The remainder of the grade will be earned through the projects and assignments we work on in class.  Take a look at the 8th grade page to see what you will be expected to know and learn.  8th grade students also take summative assessments to evaluate what they have learned in their computer classes over the years.

3.  How often will I be graded?
        That's a tough question!  Since I will only see you twice a week at the most on half of your weeks in here - it's a challenge to complete some of our longer assignments in that week.  If there are snow days, early out days, assemblies, fire/tornado drills, etc. (you get the picture) it gets even more difficult to stay on track.  I will try to update grades as frequently as I can.  If you need more detailed information as to how you are doing in your computer class; just talk with me, email or call me.

Other things you need to know:
      I expect you to work hard each class period when you are in the room!  You should be able to complete the assignments given in class during class time.  Homework will only occasionally be assigned, but you may want or need to practice your keyboarding skills at home.  If you do not have access to a computer at home or any other place (city library, for example) you may make arrangements to work before or after school as my schedule permits on work for my class.

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