New College of California

Completion of Teach-Out
Except for the programs listed below under the Teach-Out Plans, the accreditation of New College of California was terminated by WASC, effective March 28, 2008.  Accreditation of the programs in teach-out was extended to June 30, 2008.  The teach-out is now completed, and grades are being posted to transcripts.  If you have any questions about the teach-out, please contact Professor Tom Parsons at  Law school transcripts are housed with JFKU; however, the permanent disposition of New College transcripts for the rest of the schools has not yet been decided. 
Financial Aid Issues 
The Department of Education has set the closing date for New College as December 20, 2007.  If you are a former New Coillege student and have questions about your financial aid or your eligibility for a discharge of a student loan, please contact Renee Gullotto at  Meetings will be set up during July to counsel students about their rights and responsibilities under the financial aid programs.  The meetings have been set as follows:

Tuesday, July 29th from 10am until 2pm


Wednesday, July 30th from 10am until 2pm
Location:  CIIS, 1453 Mission St.  San Francisco, CA 94103 
Please ask the receptionist for the location of the meeting once you arrive on campus.
What to bring:  Loan holder information, transcripts, a copy of your NSLDS printout (can be accessed at and any other pertinent information.


If you are unable to attend one of these meetings you may contact our Ombudsman Scot Williams at for assistance.


Communication with New College 
The New College website is back up, effective the week of May 12.  This site has forms and information related to the teach-out and to obtaining transcripts and provides a means for students and others to communicate directly with New College, as the teach-out comes to a close.  Please go to
Teach-Out Plans 
Effective March 24, 2008, WASC approved teach-out plans for the following programs.  Subject to the terms and conditions established by WASC, accreditation has been extended to June 30, 2008 for these programs only.   



Effective throughout the remainder of the Teach-Out period, which will extend through June 2008, the following forms are required to be submitted to the registrar.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for links to all the forms.



Change of Incomplete Grade to Letter Grade

The major consideration is the need for additional narrative explanation and submission of documentation, with ideal documentation in the form of a copy of student work with faculty comment and grade.

Request for Change of Letter Grade

The major reason for a grade change would be an error by faculty evaluator when submitting or an error by registrar staff in entering the grade. Documentation can be in the form of copies of grade sheets previously submitted, narrative evaluation, copy of student work with faculty comment and grade.

Request for Correction of Error on Transcript

This is an all-purpose form that applies to cases other than change of incomplete or change of grade.



Student Request for Course Substitution

This form is used to formalize approval by the CAO for the substitution of a course contracted in the teach-out plan with another course that provides equivalency. Applies to course work taken from another institution of higher learning as approved in the Teach Out Plan.

Student Appeal for Re-Evaluation of Grade

Appeal for grade re-evaluation is used for extenuating circumstances



Request for Transcript

Students engaged in teach-out are encouraged to submit transcript requests well before the deadline of June 15, 2008. Students are encouraged to submit a transcript request by or before June 1 with Special Instructions to issue the transcript after degree is posted. Transcript requests will be honored based on date of submission.  Rush transcript request influence priority beyond date of submission.

Request for Transcript by FAX

Students seeking to request transcript by Fax need to complete the form along with the Request for Transcript request form. Requires payment by credit card.


Additional forms and formats and communications will be posted on this website.


Contact Information

Submission to the Registrar can be mailed to address on the forms.


All submissions intended to change a student transcript ultimately require approval of the CAO, the Chief Academic Officer. The CAO can be contacted as follows:


Tom Parsons, CAO

New College of California

777 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA. 94110

(415) 437-3419;

Opportunities to Transfer
If you are a New College student interested in transferring to another institution, please contact any of the following institutions, which have expressed an interest in assisting New College students and have one or more programs in common with New College.

Programs Transferred to Other Institutions
The following New College programs have been transferred to other institutions or are in the process of being transferred to other institutions.  If you are a student or faculty member interested in these programs, please contact the institution noted.


MA, Women’s Spirituality                               

Institute for Transpersonal Psychology


JD, School of Law       

John F. Kennedy University (after the Spring 2008 term)


MA/MFA, Creative Inquiry/ Interdisciplinary Arts

MFA, Writing and Consciousness

California Institute of Integral Studies


MA, Psychology/MFT

Argosy University
Science Institute, Southern California
Southern California University of Health Sciences

Application fees will be waived for any New College student interested in applying to one of these institutions.

This notification is provided by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). For more information please contact WASC at 510-748-9001 or
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