posted Oct 22, 2016, 10:27 AM by Ryan Mullen   [ updated Oct 22, 2016, 10:27 AM ]

Curriculum Committee: Curriculum writing teams have been established for grade 6 ELA, math, science, and social studies.  They will begin their work this fall.

Elementary Committee:  Consolidation Forums begin this week on October 6th at Veterans Junior High School.  There will also be Consolidation Forums on October 13th at Pilgrim High School and October 17th at Toll Gate High School.  The Forums all run from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Facilities/Logistics Committee:  Plans are being finalized for the removal of all remaining items at Aldrich so that the school may be turned back to the City.  We are in the process of wrapping up power installation for the Promethean Boards. Gorton is being readied to become the new Administration Building.  We reviewed code issues with both the Building Official and the Fire Marshall. 

Public Relations Committee: We will be communicating forum information with the community via the website and Connect Ed messaging.  There will be a Connect Ed message sent home tonight regarding the public forums and another message before each forum.

District Consolidation Meeting Minutes 9-20-16

posted Sep 25, 2016, 9:06 AM by Ryan Mullen   [ updated Sep 25, 2016, 9:06 AM ]

District Consolidation Meeting Minutes


Curriculum Committee: Robotics kits are in and have been delivered. Chromebooks have been delivered to the high schools for math.  A meeting will be held on Friday to compile orders for World Language Textbooks.  Elementary principals are working with the technology staff to pick up chromebooks for six grade students who did not pick them up at the Chromebook Carnival.

Elementary Committee: Community forums have been scheduled for:

October 6th at Veterans Junior High School

October 13th at Pilgrim High School

October 17th at Toll Gate High School

All forums will run from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Facilities/Logistics Committee:

  • The installation of power at Veterans Junior High School is taking place for the Prometheans.

  • The LED project is ongoing at Winman Junior High School.

  • Hole drilling for Promethean installs is happening at Winman Junior High School.

  • Eye wash station installs are taking place and should be completed by 9/21.

  • The track is being installed at Pilgrim.  It should be completed in approximately 10 working days.

  • We met with Fire Chief and Fire Marshall about scheduling a walk through at Pilgrim High School and Veterans Junior High School to reassure the school community that the buildings are safe.

Public Relations Committee:  The committee will work on communicating Elementary Consolidation Public Forum information with the community via the website and Connect Ed messaging.

Technology Committee: Promethean displays (70-inch interactive flat-panel TVs) at Veterans Junior High School are installed & active.  Teachers are using them and asking for more professional development.  One display is defective.  We are troubleshooting  with Promethean to resolve this problem.  We are working with Promethean and the Sheryl Rabbitt  to schedule trainings on displays, ClassFlow and IMS.  Winman Junior High School Promethean installs are happening this week.  Projectors and document cameras are being distributed to classrooms.  We are currently working through second-order phone installation issues. The robotics lab at Veterans Junior High School now has wifi capability.  The cabling company is going around wiring labs and other areas that need network access.  Virtual desktops for CADD labs are up and running.  We are now working on creating student accounts rather than using generic accounts.   Giving teachers and students access from home is the next step.  

MIDI equipment for JH Music Exploratory courses has been ordered.  Security cameras at Pilgrim High School are up and running.  The wiring and camera mounting work is ongoing at Veterans Junior High School and Winman Junior High School.  After the work has been completed at the junior high schools, work will begin at Toll Gate High School.

Transportation Committee:  We will be working with First Student on the demands of busing and the schedule for middle school sports.

District Consolidation Minutes 9-7-16

posted Sep 12, 2016, 6:21 PM by Ryan Mullen   [ updated Sep 12, 2016, 6:21 PM ]

District Consolidation Minutes


Curriculum Committee: Robotics kits are being shipped and will be in the classrooms soon.  Sara and Ryan are working with Foreign Language teachers and STEM Exploratories teachers to order any extra materials they need.

Elementary Consolidation Committee:  The Elementary Consolidation Committee shared a consolidation plan at the September 6th School Committee Meeting.  The plan recommends the closing of John Wickes Elementary School and Randall Holden Elementary School.  The plan also recommends the repurposing of John Brown Francis as the Early Childhood Center and Drum Rock as part of the Career and Tech Center.  Public forums will be held at 6:30 on the following dates :

                       October 6 at Veterans

                       October 13 at Pilgrim

                       October 17 at Toll Gate

Facilities/Logistics Committee: Science labs are almost completed.  The entry door issues are being resolved. Issues brought up at the School Committee Meeting are being looked into. Complaints to the Fire Marshal and other authorities have been answered as soon as they come in. Power to computer labs has been completed today.  The white boards from Aldrich are being re-purposed to Veterans Junior High as well as the cabinets for safety glasses and eye wash stations.

Public Relations Committee:  The Elementary Consolidation presentation and plan have been added to the Consolidation Website.

Technology Committee:   Lab wiring that needed to be done at Veterans Junior High School has been completed.  Hardware has been ordered for the Robotics lab to get them online.  Phone, PA, and paging issues at Veterans Junior High School and Pilgrim High School are being actively addressed by the maintenance and technician teams.

CADD Lab virtual desktops are up and running at Winman Junior High School and soon to be working at Veterans Junior High School, Toll Gate High School and Pilgrim High School.  Promethean interactive flat panel displays are being installed at Veterans Junior High School.

Elementary Consolidation Presentation 9-6-16

posted Sep 7, 2016, 3:59 AM by Ryan Mullen   [ updated Sep 7, 2016, 4:00 AM ]

District Consolidation Meeting Minutes 8-24-16

posted Aug 31, 2016, 1:33 PM by Ryan Mullen   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 1:33 PM ]

District Consolidation Meeting Minutes


Facilities/Logistics Committee: Schools will open on time!!!

Veterans Junior High School - Auditorium is being cleaned and readied for carpet and tile installation.  The stage floor will be final coated tonight. Final tweaks to sound system are being done. Tile were laid at vestibules today.  Vinyl flooring is being installed today and tomorrow. Exterior work will be completed by Friday except for the change order work. Tables and chairs were assembled and distributed. We are short some tables and chairs because of miscalculations. This order will be presented to the SC on September 6th. Paint is being touched up on an ongoing basis. Electrical work for the science labs will wrap up shortly and the holes cut into the hallway ceilings are being infilled by our crew. The second floor is clean and ready.  The rest of the building will be complete by Monday.

Pilgrim - Lights are being installed and ceiling work is almost done. Storefronts are being wrapped up but there will be punch list of items. Tile will be installed at the gym lobby entrance tomorrow and tile at both locations will be completed by Friday. Auditorium seating is being installed and will be completed by Sunday. Sound system is being completed now and the stage floor will have a final coat by Sunday. Front entrance gardens have been cleaned up and mulched. Football field irrigation will be completed by friday with sod install to follow. Traffic flow rework will be paved tomorrow and walkway work is under way with fencing to follow.

Elementary Consolidation Committee:  The Committee has prepared a report for the School Committee on the elementary consolidation plan for 2017-2018 school year.  There will be a short presentation at the September 6th School Committee Meeting.

Staffing Committee:  There have been more retirements this week.  We have been busy filling these positions.

Consolidation Update 8-17-16

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District Consolidation Minutes


Curriculum Committee: The library move is complete.  

Elementary Consolidation Committee:  The Elementary Consolidation Committee is meeting on Monday, August 22nd.  The Committee will be making a consolidation recommendation to the School Committee on September 6th.


Veterans Junior High School

Student tables were delivered on Monday, August 15th.   With help from the firefighter recruits the tables were unloaded and are now being distributed throughout the building. Sidewalk and curbing work is 90% complete and except for the change orders will be done next week. Storefronts are being installed.  Auditorium seating was delivered Tuesday, August 16th.  The layout is underway and the install should start today. Asbestos abatement in the gym lobby is complete. Openings for the new access hatches are being cut in and readied for installation.  The installation of the flooring will follow. Asbestos abatement in room 900 underway. Science lab electrical is 80% complete. Looking at bringing in a ceiling sub for ceiling repair in the corridors following the electrical subs. LED lighting will be delivered on August 18th. Cleaning is 90% done and will be completed by August 27th and August 28th.

Pilgrim High School- Storefronts and the curtain wall projects are completed. Epoxy flooring is finished in the auditorium. Stage flooring is down and will be sanded and finished next week. Seating will be delivered Monday, August 22nd and installed during the week. Corridor painting is being wrapped up and should be complete by August 24th.  LED lighting will be delivered on August 18th. VCT flooring underway. Loam is being spread on the football field with sprinklers to follow by August 19th.   The traffic pattern reconfiguration will start on August 18th. The cleaning process will mirror Veteran’s process.

Toll Gate High School- Track lining will start on August 22nd and be completed by August 26th. The gym floor graphics are being applied now.  Marine Trades work is ongoing.  There are new overhead doors installed and welding booths being erected.  Electrical work will start this week. Cleaning of the school will be completed by August 19th.

Winman Junior High School - Gym floor graphics are being applied now. Tennis court work is ongoing. Asbestos abatement in the music practice rooms has started. LED light installation has begun. Cleaning will be completed by the start of school.

All projects are on schedule.  Veterans Junior High should be done by August 26th.  Pilgrim High School is expected to be done by August 29th.

Logistics Committee:  The movers have been authorized to work overtime to ensure that all moves are complete before the start of the school year.  Even with the overtime expense we will still be within budget.

Elementary Consolidation Committee:  Five teachers signed up for cohort two for middle school certification.  Christine Dolan canceled this cohort due to low participation and reached out to those teachers with options of taking the courses at URI.

Technology Committee:

Security Cameras:

  • Winman Junior High School is wired now cameras need to be installed.

  • Veterans Junior High School is being cabled now.

  • Toll Gate High School has yet to be done.

  • Pilgrim High School is done.


  • Veterans Junior High being installed this week

  • Classrooms being wired for phones in many schools, this project will extend into September.

CAD Labs:

  • Software is all configured and the hardware is to be installed beginning today and into next week.

  • CAD Labs have been upgraded in all schools awaiting configuration and testing.

Pilgrim High switch upgrades are nearly done.

Digital Photo Labs: Installing iMacs this week, lab wiring being worked in Toll Gate High School A107


  • Chromebook Carnival happening on 8/20, 700+ laptops scheduled to be handed out to families.

Junior High Interactive Flat Panels

  • Approved on August 9th- 56 70-inch Promethean Interactive Flat Panels in core classrooms

  • Installation happening over next 3-4 weeks

  • On August 29th an introductory training is being scheduled/coordinated with vendors.

Language lab

  • ReLANpro Chromebook-capable language lab system approved

  • August 29th training for Modern Language teachers being is scheduled.  Windows laptops are being ordered for all teachers.

Consolidation Update 8-10-16

posted Aug 14, 2016, 8:56 AM by Ryan Mullen   [ updated Aug 14, 2016, 8:57 AM ]

Curriculum Committee: Materials, equipment and resources have been ordered for the exploratory classes.  The library move will be completed by August 11th.

Elementary Consolidation Committee: The Elementary Consolidation Committee will be meeting on August 22nd.

Facilities Committee: Construction is on schedule at this point. Storefront and curtain wall work at Pilgrim High School is approximately 95% complete. LED lighting has been installed. Room 110 abatement at Pilgrim and cafeteria abatement projects have been completed. Pilgrim painting is well underway and we will be getting more done than originally anticipated. Auditoriums are moving along and on schedule at both locations, with seating to be delivered on August 18th. Epoxy flooring in the auditorium is complete at Veterans Junior High School and scheduled for Pilgrim High School this coming weekend. The sidewalks at Veterans Junior High School are about 75% complete. Painting work at Veterans Junior High school is well underway and looking good. The cabinets for the new science labs at Veterans Junior High School will be delivered by August 29th.  The existing science labs will be used until the new ones are finished.   All cleaning is on or ahead of schedule and will be done for the opening of schools..

Logistics Committee:  Movers are on schedule. All furniture, equipment and materials should be in place for the opening of schools.  Tables and chairs for the junior high schools will be delivered on August 15th. Chief McLaughlin has donated 3 hours of time from 24 fire department recruits.  They will assist in unloading the trailer trucks and assembling furniture. Some lockers will be moved from Aldrich Junior High to Veterans Junior High.  We will be reviewing all elementary schools to ensure that all items that need to be moved have been moved.

Middle School Transition: The first cohort of teachers have completed two of the three courses for middle school certification.  The second cohort only has four teachers signed up for the first class.  URI will only run the class in Warwick if twelve teachers sign up.  The first class was scheduled to start on August 23rd.  If there isn’t the minimum number of teachers, anyone who is interested can take the class at URI in the fall.

Scheduling Committee:  We continue to meet with the Veterans Junior High team to work out special education scheduling.  Five new students have registered for Pilgrim since last week. The current enrollment numbers are: 1517 students at Pilgrim, 1196 students at Toll Gate, 860 students at Veterans and 540 students at Winman.

Staffing Committee: We currently have 27.8 layoffs not counting 5 teachers who declined recall.  Middle School leadership positions closed today.  We will be filling them within the week.  Coaching positions are filled.  Appendix B will be notified this week.

Technology Committee: Camera installation at Pilgrim has been completed.

Winman wiring is almost done.  Veterans Junior High is being cabled now.

The installment of Phones at Veterans Junior High should be done this week.

All labs have been upgraded and re-imaged except the CAD rooms.

Apple labs for digital photography will be configured next week.

Aspen rollover and schedules committed will be done by August 22nd.

1450 Chromebooks were delivered on August 9th.  The balance of 2200 chromebooks and cases arrive on August 11th.  The Chromebook Carnival is scheduled at Gorton Junior High School on August 20th.

Consolidation Update 7-27-16

posted Aug 1, 2016, 9:52 AM by Ryan Mullen

District Consolidation Meeting Minutes


Curriculum Committee: The National Library Relocation movers will start work on Tuesday, August 9th.  Books will be moved from Aldrich and Gorton to Veterans.   The books from  Veterans will be moved to Pilgrim.

Elementary Consolidation Committee: The next meeting is scheduled for August 22nd to finalize the decision on what two elementary schools the committee will be recommending for closure and the one to be repurposed for the Early Learning Center.

Facilities Committee: Pilgrim High School- DPW is working steadily on the football field with completion targeted for mid August.  The track resurfacing will start immediately after the football field is completed.  When DPW completes the football field they have agreed to tackle the traffic reconfiguration. Storefront and curtain wall work is underway. Painting by the contractor and Warwick School Department substitute maintenance workers is underway.  Ceiling grids are up and new LED lighting is being manufactured with delivery scheduled for the first week in August. Bathroom and classroom work by is nearing completion. Auditorium work is ongoing. The gym floor is having the school’s logo painted and should be completed by the end of next week. The stands in the gym have been serviced and repaired.

Veterans Junior High School - The gym floor is complete and is curing. Painting is underway throughout the school. The ceiling grids have been installed. Electrical and plumbing work for the new science labs are underway.  The labs will not be ready for the start of school but existing labs are being cleaned and readied for use until the new labs are ready.  They should be ready by the beginning of October.  Auditorium work is progressing.  The curb and sidewalk work is underway with curbing complete..  New sidewalks are being poured and finished daily. The main office has been painted and cleaned.  Classroom cleaning work is ongoing.

Winman - The gym floor is installed and being finished.  The LED lighting project should start mid August.  The first area to be done will be the stairway tower with other areas to follow. Once the school year starts work will be done during off hours.

Toll Gate - Track resurfacing is complete.  The lining and graphics project will start end of this week.  Once complete our crews will start with the new french drain install for the football field and then aerate and seed with an athletic mix. The gym floor sand and refinish will start when Winman is complete.  Marine Trades fencing is complete.   Classroom work is ongoing.

Summer Cleaning - Summer cleaning is ongoing,  As soon as elementary schools are completed custodians will move to secondary schools to assist. The last weekend before the school year begins, all custodians will be divided into 2 teams and move to Pilgrim and Veterans to finish any areas not completed and to thoroughly clean all construction areas.

Logistics Committee:  Movers are emptying Aldrich and Gorton. The movers are also moving materials from Veterans to Pilgrim and Toll Gate. Book discards were removed from Veterans yesterday and E-waste will be removed next week.  Kevin Oliver and Steve Gothberg are meeting every Friday with the movers for a weekly review and set up the plan for the next week.  A district administrative team is conducting walkthroughs of all secondary schools to monitor progress.  

Middle School Transition Committee:  Only two teachers signed up to be in the second cohort for middle school certification.   At least ten teachers are needed to sign up in order to run the class.  A third recruitment notice was sent to all school areas.   The first cohort is just finishing their second class.

Public Relations Committee:  Updated construction photos were added to the website on July 26th to show the progress that is being made.  Mr. Tober is planning an orientation for Veterans students and parents.  More information will follow.

Scheduling Committee:  Currently working on special education ratios, homerooms, lockers, common planning times, non-teaching periods, and professional development periods.

Staffing Committee:  We are in the process of staffing the schools due to recent resignations/retirements/leaves.  This has reduced the total number on the layoff list.  Unfortunately there have been some hard to fill science leaves/layoffs.  Middle School Department Heads have been filled for Guidance and SPED.  Content Area leaders are currently posted so they can be in place for the organization efforts prior to school starting.  Fall Coaches have been posted and will be filled after the July 28th School Committee Meeting.  

Transportation Committee:  All of the bus schedules for general education students are complete.

Final band concert celebrates Gorton history

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"Stand Tall in Changing Times" - Gorton Junior High School - 6/9/16

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