Programs and Services

Developmental Screening
Child Outreach Developmental Screening is a free, voluntary service that assesses a child’s development, readiness skills and learning style and offers important information about resources that are available in the community. VOWS recruits, trains and certifies all volunteers who administer the testing. We also provide preschool screening services to the East Greenwich Public Schools on a fee for service basis.

Anti-bullying and Conflict Resolution Program
2014-15 marked our fifteenth year of presenting anti-bullying and conflict resolution strategies to second grade students through the Heads Up Program, a ten week lesson plan that has been approved under the Health and Family life curriculum of the Warwick Public Schools. Heads Up is a pre-delinquency effort that brings age appropriate bullying awareness to our students by pairing trained volunteers with second grade teachers in Warwick Public Schools. The intent of Heads Up is to help stem the rising tide of violence and bullying among children in schools, in the home and in our communities. Heads Up is currently presented in each of the sixteen public elementary schools here in Warwick.

Educationally Supportive Services
In addition to our tutorial services, classroom materials preparation, media and library assistance, VOWS also recruits volunteers to serve as Senior Project mentors and judges to support the district's graduation by proficiency program. Our training programs include the training and certification process for Child Outreach Developmental Screening, training in presenting the Heads Up curriculum, the Reading Tutors program (designed by the Language Arts Supervisor for the Warwick Public Schools, it is dovetailed with the language arts curriculum) and training in Interactive Read Aloud for volunteers who wish to read to early elementary classes.