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Good Study Habits

Good Study Habits are key to your student's Success.

Good study habits help children become independent and confident.  It's important to remember that studying is your child's job - not yours.  But you can help make study time more successful.

Many students don't have a regular study time.  They fit their studying in around playing video games, using the computer, playing on a team or watching TV.  As a result, they don't do much studying at all.

You can't do the studying for your child, but you can promote good study habits.

The first step is to establish a regular study time for your child.  Make sure homework takes priority over all your child's other activities.

The best students study every day.  If they don't have a specific homework assignment, they can review the main points covered in class or key vocabulary words for the current unit. 

  • Help your child find a regular place to study every day.
  • Give your child a planner to keep track of homework and due dates.
  • Post a calendar and have your child keep track of school dates as well as all other actives.
  • Encourage your child to take notes in class.  Teachers talk about what they think is important.
  • Have your child review notes every day.
  • Keep a phone list of study buddies your child can call with questions.
  • Teach your child how to use a textbook.  Make bold-faced headings into questions.  Make flashcards of key vocabulary words.
  • Make sure your child has the tools needed for studying.  (pencils, paper, calculator, dictionary, etc.)

When you are supportive and your child studies every day,
 school success is sure to follow.