Title I Preschool

Preschool Home/School Compact                                                                                
               We are now beginning our registration process for 2017/2018 Title I Preschool.
Our program is open to families who live in 
Oakland Beach, Wickes, Hoxsie and Lippitt school areas.
Children must be 4 by September 1, 2017.
Please call 298-4036 for details.

Teacher:  Mrs. Denise Dotter
Teacher Assistant:  Mrs. Deborah Morris

The Oakland Beach Preschool is an early learning standards based program which supports every child's joy of learning through an integrated curriculum and self esteem building, learning environment.

Oral language, social/emotional, literacy, mathematics, physical health/science and creative learning opportunities nurture each child's growth and development.

The parent/family component of the program is a major focus and contributing factor in forming home/school connections.  As a community of learners, students, teachers and families promote optimal student learning success.

We are very happy to continue to offer two preschool sessions for the 2017/18 school year.  Our program is open to families who live in the following Title I school areas:  Oakland Beach, Wickes, Hoxsie, and Lippitt.