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posted May 12, 2019, 1:05 PM by Michaela Amaral   [ updated May 12, 2019, 1:06 PM ]

Hello to all!  I have been entering data into the computer all morning long for the KinderKids' assessments.  It is such as great feeling to look back to September scores vs. their current results.  It is very heart warming as their teacher to see such great SUCCESS!  

I have only a few photos this week.  We have listened to some of the KinderKids read their April Book Projects.  I was so happy to see the variety of topics which were chosen.  
Each child received an index card of comments attached to their book.  Please read these comments directly to your child.  We are working on GROWS and GLOWS in the classroom.  This allows your child to have self-reflection on their work quality and the process they used to complete their work.  After centers, we stop as a group for three students to share either a GROW or a GLOW.  This reflection has allowed the KinderKids to learn from others as well as themselves.  

The remainder of the April Book Projects will be read this week.  :)

We had our third field trip of the year to the library on Friday.  I enjoyed observing the faces on the children as we were able to tour places the public does NOT normally see.  I do have a cool fact to share as well.  We were the ONLY class so far this year to visit and CHECK OUT two books each.  I truly hope that you and your child visit the library this summer.  It is FREE!

I did want to mention a few things Miss Ellen shared with us...
1.  They now have Early Reader non-fiction bags(25 mini books).
2.  They have a magazine called Chop Chop to try out cooking with your child this summer.  This is my kind of cookbook-EASY!  :)
3.  They have Book Buddy Bags that come in a clear backpack-very cool! 
4.  They have a Non-Fiction series called Seedlings.  The photos are amazing!


Above is the book bin which collects the books from the outside drop off box.  They actually use a laundry cart to catch the books!  The other photo is the KinderKids looking across at the Childrens' Room.  

Above Embeth and Sophia are sharing their books.  Embeth wrote about things she LOVED!  Sophia wrote about her dogs.  I love how she included actual photos of what they LOOK like. I was very pleased they both used lined paper and repeating sentences.  Thank you!!

I normally have the KinderKids write SEVEN WAYS they LOVE their mom.  This year I wanted to do something different.  I own the book called Kiss Box.  It made me think to create our own kiss boxes.  I found small LEGO boxes at the dollar store.  They were the perfect size for a mom's purse.  I shared my secret code I used with my mom-143.  In addition, they used XO.  They were able to select what they wanted to write on top of each heart before they decorated it.  There were seven hearts placed into their box.  One for each day of the week.  We recently discussed recycling and reusing due to EARTH DAY.  The KinderKids were informed to tell their mom that their KISS BOX could be used over and over again 365 days a year.  Here is a link to the book...

YouTube Video

To celebrate EARTH DAY we made headbands discussing what we could do at school, at home and in our community.  I gave each child a pair of gloves.  I carried the trash bag and we scoured the outside of the school building.  We collected a large trash bag of litter.  We are NOT litterbugs in Room 9!

We have a Ladybug Land Home in our classroom.  We are observing the stages of the ladybug lifecycle.  They have recently changed to pupa stage.  Below is Janiyah viewing the pupa/s upclose...

Here are some ladybug facts to share with your child...

We will begin learning more about ladybugs over the next couple of weeks.  Your child will be writing an informative writing piece about what they have learned.  Yes, a mini research report in Kindergarten!

Lastly, Karsten surprised me the other day by tapping me on the shoulder to see he made me famous... five times!  I have been having the children practice specific letters and numbers.  Then I give them free time to write words or people of their choice.  Thank you, Karsten!

Vacation Shout-Outs and Recent Rm 9 events...

posted Apr 28, 2019, 11:18 AM by Michaela Amaral   [ updated Apr 28, 2019, 11:22 AM ]

I wanted to mention a few places I went to over April Vacation.  I feel I have learned about great places from word of mouth.  I would like to share some with you...
I love to eat breakfast for any meal.  I began my week with having breakfast with my friend, Pam, at Cozy Grill.  They have the best omelets in town.  
Dakota gave us a gift certifcate at Christmas for Saltitudes in Lincoln.  Nana B and I went for an amazing session of relaxation in the Himalayan Salt Cave.  We highly recommend to ALL adults!  Children can go if accompanied by an aduIt as well.  I have included their website for more info and two photos.  Words can not describe it until you...TRY it yourself. 
On Wednesday, I traveled to Boston on the train with my friend, Ashleigh, to Happy Place.  She found this POP UP Event and asked me to go.  I was so glad I accepted her offer.  We had a blast.  It runs until June.  There were many children there due to school vacation week.  It will be a memory they will have forever if you chose to go.
If you take the train, get off at the BACKBAY stop.  Ashleigh and I had more laughs as BIG KIDS and left with happiness filled inside us!
I ended the week with my dad's side of the family with Easter brunch at Waterman Grille in Providence.  It was by far the best brunch I have had.  Thank you, Aunt Sylvia for treating us.  I definitely over ate however, it was my only meal of the day.  They even had a candy bar for the kids.  I am a BIG KID so my plate had Jelly Belly Jelly Beans added to it!  

Now on to this week back at school...

April is Poetry Month.  The KinderKids brought in poems to share with their classmates for s-n-t.  I was so proud of them!  Some of the poems I had not... seen before.  Hannah sang hers with success, Braylin rocked reciting his poem from beginning to end(received PAWSOME AWARD for) and Caralee's warmed my heart.  
Here is Caralee's Poem...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You make the world better by just being you!

We have been reviewing math concepts in our Interactive Math Journals.  Above Braylin and Sophia are creating squares and stars to represent numbers given.  Then they label the amounts with more or less.  Some of the Kinderkids took it to the next level and added the two groups.  They simply put one of the numbers in their head and counted on.  Awesome to watch as their teacher since it was...their math learning idea!

Nana B is such an important part of our classroom.  This photo had to be captured.  The children love having Nana B around.  We are all LUCKY to have the Best Nana Ever in Room 9!  Thank you, Nana B for all you do!

We are currently learning about 2D/3D shapes.  Above Olivia added her Rhombus poem in her Poetry Journal.  She took it upon herself to illustrate a similar girl holding a rhombus!  I am proud of your artistic talent, Olivia!   

During Center Time on Wednesday, we had centers based on 2d/3d shapes.  Above Sophia is confirming if a shape is 2d/3d with a thumbs up or thumbs down.  We ran out of time, but their next step was to record themselves reading their books on SeeSaw.  

Embeth and Leah are sorting 3d shapes at the Collaboration Center.  They are working together as a team to sort the shapes into the pocket chart.  

Here are some Jack Hartmann math videos on 2d/3d shapes...

YouTube Video


YouTube Video


YouTube Video


Colin and Dakota are searching for CVC words in the classroom.  They were provided with pictures only this time.  They had to stretch the sounds of the CVC pictures they found and write their correct spelling.  This helps me assess what vowel sounds they need to transfer to their writing.  

This is our third year to have ladybugs arrive at this time of the year.  The live larvae arrived at my home on Saturday of vacation.  It is such a cool science experience for the KinderKids to observe.  More photos to come over the weeks ahead...

We had an assembly during Health class time on Thursday.  Mrs. D and other teachers said it was the best assembly this year.  Due to my planning time, I did not see the event.  I do love that it was about books. My goal as a teacher is to instill a love of reading into my KinderKids.  Here is one of Tommy's videos for your viewing...

YouTube Video

During this week, I broke out Hot Potato.  It allowed me to eat my sandwich and cover recess with Nana B at the same time.  I have had this game for a few years now.  It was the best purchase I ever made at Five Below.  The winner of the first round was Isabella and the second round was Farrah.  Thumbs up, girls!

YouTube Video

I began my weekend with visiting Cameron at his bowling league in Cranston.  It was so cool to see him and his brother, Toby, in action.  Toby is a former K student of mine.  He is in 3rd grade now.  I am impressed with the skills they both had.  Their Gramps and Meme take them to the league every Saturday.  They are both bowlers along with their son, Tim, Cameron and Toby's dad.  


Cameron asked me to go to the arcade with him after he bowled.  It was so cool to see games I have not played in sooooooooo long.  Some of my favorites were... Skee Ball and  Whack A Mole.  One of the games actually looked like the wheel from The Price is Right game show.  I have a photo of each with Cameron pointing to his score achieved at Skee Ball.  

Thumbs up on your 20,000 score, Cameron!  I think your new haircut had something to do with it!

This week the KinderKids will be sharing their April Book Projects.  I am truly looking forward to seeing them transform into authors and illustrators in front of my eyes.

We ended our week with PEEPS Science Fun...

posted Apr 14, 2019, 4:14 PM by Michaela Amaral   [ updated Apr 14, 2019, 4:19 PM ]

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  Next week there is no school due to our April Break.  Please work on four areas with your child...read daily, practice sight words daily, begin the April Family Book Project, and review math facts of addition and subtraction to five.  

Our K Math Standard is math facts to five.  However, the KinderKids are having math success.  Please challenge your child to go to 10 and beyond(1st grade math standard).  Here is a great find from a site I frequently refer too.  Here are some math pdf pages for addition and subtraction games as well as word problems.  We use MATH vocabulary words such as KEY & DIAGRAM when completing K word problems.  

Here is a Jack H song for Friends of Ten.  Please watch this catchy short math video with your child...

YouTube Video

Here are two photos from our interactive writing time during morning meeting.  Leah and Janiyah are demonstrating how to represent a diagram from the problem I stated on the chart.

I sent home a Math Exemplars rubric which explained how your child is assessed on their math word problems.  I am modeling this skill for them at this time.

It was recently National Carrot Day.  I learned this fact from the lunch menu.  I have a book which I instantly thought of to read on this Veggie Holiday.  It is called Muncha, Muncha, Muncha.
It is one of my favorites.  Here is a You Tube video for your viewing...

YouTube Video

Below Caralee & Dakota are demonstrating their Word Problem Solving Skills...

Dakota's photo shows the rubric near her and she made a table on her paper as well.  Thumbs up, Dakota!

PTO recently arranged for The Newport Jazz Assembly to visit Lippitt.  It happened to be Olivia's birthday on the SAME day.  I requested they play Happy Birthday for her.  Here she is having her FAMOUS birthday moment on stage.  Thank you for making her 6th birthday special!

We are very blessed to have Nana B in Room 9.  Here she is playing TROUBLE at recess with Dakota, Leah & Janiyah.  

Lippitt had its Book Fair this month.  I was able to scoop ice cream at the event with Colin.  You were a great scooper, Colin! Thank you to all parents that purchased me a book as well as PTO.  I absolutely love to read and instill in my students the importance of reading daily.  

I truly FEEL reading is a GIFT that we are lucky to receive at such an early age!

My friend, Pam, that teaches at Scott K came to visit Room 9.  She came to model a writing lesson using a hamburger model for information writing.  She chose the topic of school.  I was grateful for her visiting and sharing her writing expertise with the KinderKids and I.  They built a juicy burger full of info about a school day in K @ Lippitt. Here is a paper model to describe...

During the brainstorming of the School Topic with their friends they turned and talked about SCHOOL...

I LOVE how they shared about their thoughts about SCHOOL and listened intently to their K friend.  :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you...PAM!  

This trimester your child will be writing a research report with my guidance.  Pam demosntrated the Hamburger Model for me to guide the KinderKids.  We are working on using descriptive words that are enticing to their audience.  Here is a teacher video demonstrating how this is introduced in a K class...

YouTube Video

Yes, this is PART of the K curriculum.  This is why it is so IMPORTANT to read daily with your child and practice sight words.  These skills CARRY OVER to their writing when they are in PLACE.  

We are continuing to work on decomposing TEEN NUMBERS.  Above Hannah is using double-sided chips to represent the number she selects in ten frames.  Here is a PDF to print and review at home with your child...

Thank you to ALL that sent in PEEPS.  I was very GRATEFUL for your donations.  You saved Mrs. D and I a trip to the store.  We had PEEPS Science for three days.  I truly was glad I found this lesson on TPT.  We ALL enjoyed it including the KinderKids, Nana B, Mrs.D and I.  Above Mrs. D caught me with the baking soda and vingear experiment.

Below is some of our findings as K scientists and researchers...

There are 60 flavors of PEEPS.  The class favorite was Pancakes and Syrup.  I suggest picking some up.  They were absolutely delicious! Here are the four unique flavors we had!


I absolutely enjoyed watching their faces during the PEEPS taste testing.  Janiyah is truly enjoying the Pancakes and Syrup. :)

I shared this TODAY SHOW video with the KinderKids as an introduction to our PEEPS week.  Check it out and learn...
I did!!!!

Below are photos of our Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt.  Leah and Olivia found the CARROT eggs.  They were rewarded with Pretzel M &Ms.  


Below they are building their word tiles to create the sight words scrambled in their eggs.  They each found four eggs!  

You could steal this sight word egg hunt idea to recreate at home over vacation. 

I would like to give a COOKIE SHOUT-OUT to Hannah's mom.  She made homemade cookies.  Since it was Caralee's birthday celebration on Friday...the cookies were sent home.  We enjoyed Caralee's cupcakes at school.  Thank you to both families for the CONFECTIONS for Room 9!

Below is a photo of one of the beautiful cookie creations...

I was very impressed and so were my taste buds.  I am hoping she will bake some fancy ones for our RED CARPET EVENT in June.  Wink! Wink!

I know this was a LONG BLOG however, I had many topics to cover.  I am glad you read up to this point.  Thank you!  Consequently, here is some EASTER HUMOR to end with...

Photos Galore...

posted Mar 27, 2019, 6:01 PM by Michaela Amaral

This blog has many learning photos.  I will begin by starting with Dr. Seuss week.  I found some NEW activities that I shared with this year's class.  Dr. Seuss books contain many CVC words.  We began with playing a partner CVC game.  Here are Olivia and Colin reading words with each other.

Here is a NEW Dr. Seuss book I found at the WPL.  I was not familiar with this book.  Following the reading of this book, we wrote Color Poems.  

YouTube Video

Here is Embeth's Color Poem.

My Color Poem By Embeth

Orange is an orange.
Yellow is lemons.
Green is limes
and Brown is a mouse.
Purple is a plum.
Blue is the sky.
Black is the chart stand
and Red is a heart.

We tied in ordinal numbers and sequencing by becoming Things 1-14.  Here are the Kinder Things of Room 9...

Here are some small group THING photos...



Staying with the Dr. Seuss theme... we did and APPLE STEAM activity.  I broke the KinderKids into two teams.  Each team was provided with ten REAL apples and blocks.  They were instructed to build a structure to support the ten apples.  I was very impressed with each team's design.  They are both UNIQUE.  Each team accomplished the task asked of them. :-]

I was so PROUD of my K APPLE builders/designers! Here is a resource for you to try some similar activities at home with your child...

Above Leah and Hannah are completing a CLOZE READING.  It was a great activity for them to locate the words in print to write onto their fill-in sheet.  It can be spelt 
CLOZE or CLOSE.  Here is a You Tube video of a K teacher sharing this technique with Informational Text.  Please check it out...

YouTube Video

This was our first WRITE THE ROOM with searching for one more than one of the SAME letter.  Here is Embeth locating the word have to write next to one of the Hs on her recording sheet.  

Who knew there were so many green items in our homes????  Above Karsten brought in a green yo-yo. Olivia brought in a green AIR HEAD candy.  They were happy to share their green s-n-t items with their peers.

During rest and relaxation after lunch we have been reading lately.  I love to watch their love of reading at such a young age.  It makes me have a HUGE teacher smile.

During a recent afternoon snack, Cameron said, "Miss A, I made the word IN with my Cheez-Its."  I had to share is happy food sight word moment with you.

Leprechaun TRAP Day is a BIG day in our Kinder Home.  Above we are showing our SHAMROCK SPIRIT with the glasses Dakota's mom gave us.  A big THANK YOU to Dakota's mom for making us one stylish group of KinderKids.  

Above are a few of the trap designs created!  I was thankful for all the donations to make this day so special for the KinderKids.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was thankful to my friend, Lisa, (a RISD graduate) and her mom, Isabel, (a former EP Teacher) for coming in to assist with the trap building.  

 Mrs. Flynn was another helper during the constructing of the traps.  Mrs. Flynn is a friend and former Warwick School Teacher.  She comes every year to assist on this special KinderKid memory making day.  

Although we did not catch a Leprechaun...we had a visit from one!  Here is his letter below...

I hid a lucky GOLDEN SHAMROCK in the room.  Braylin was the lucky one to find it under the hot pink beanbag.  Congrats to Braylin!  

Dakota was very festive with her GREEN attire.  I absolutely loved the SPIRIT she displayed for ALL.  She truly was the Kindergarten QUEEN of GREEN.  

Our Family Project for the month of February was Sight Word Capes.  I was very impressed with each of the capes.  They are a great resource to review sight words @ home.


I found this at home sight word activity I like.  It has a Valentine's theme however, you could use any shape to MAIL.  It is an easy sight word activity to CREATE at home.  Try it out with your child...

Colin's mom organized an author visit for us.   The local author came with her granddaughter, Lila, and her husband John.  The book was written about Lila.  I would like to thank Colin's mom for giving a copy of the book to our classroom.  Millie, the author, gave a copy to our school library.  Here is an Amazon link to Millie's book...

Here is Millie and Lila sharing Lila's story with Room 9...

We have been learning about the app SeeSaw in Room 9.  Above Sophia and Colin are recording themselves reading the poem titled With You.  This allows me to listen to their recording for a quick assessment of what words they knew/did not know. 

Lastly, here is a collage of center activities.  The activities included collaboration of sight words with a partner, building a house of sight word sticks and recording/reading the sight word poem.  It gives them an opportunity to be exposed to sight words using a variety of activities to REINFORCE the 75 words they must recognize by the end of the year.   

Since Spring arrived... we recently had Spring Picture Day.  Leah was all fancied up for the big day.  She immediately struck a pose in front of the camera.

The KinderKids of Room 9 brighten my day on a daily basis.  Leah's t-shirt words from another stylish Leah Day reinforces what the KinderKids display often.  Their kindness towards one another has created a wonderful classroom learning environment in Room 9 @ Lippitt.

The KinderKids of Room 9 are truly Miss A's kind of kind little people!  

No Blog Until Next Week...

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Due to my recent illness and report cards due this upcoming week, I will enter my blog next Sunday.  The KinderKids truly enjoyed making their leprechaun traps today.  I am thankful to Mrs. Flynn, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Isabel which came in to assist with the building of the Room 9 traps.  I can not wait to share them with all of you. 

Blogging after shoveling...

posted Mar 2, 2019, 12:49 PM by Michaela Amaral   [ updated Mar 23, 2019, 10:06 AM ]

I would like to give a shout-out to my neighbor, Richard, for helping me shovel.  This snow was heavier than earlier this week. Thank you Richard for your kindness!

I read a book this week called Bunny's Book Club.  This book was recommended by my K friend, Pam, a few years back.  I instantly bought it from Amazon.  I loved how the bunny was sneaking into his local library through the book drop.  Then...all his friends joined him by entering through the book drop as well.  One night they heard foot steps coming their way...it was the librarian!  Surprisingly, she offered them library cards.  It was funny to hear the reaction of the KinderKids.  The use of security cameras came up.  That would not have come up when I started teaching.  How the world has changed before our eyes.  Anyways, the KinderKids loved this book!  I would highly suggest it for your own home library.  

YouTube Video

As mentioned before, I am piloting two new math programs.  One of the programs has a great way of introducing the use of teen numbers with a disappearing zero card.  Here Colin is using his cards to say his teen numbers using the Say Ten Way.

Here is a You Tube Video explanation of the Say Ten Way.  The only difference I say is Ten-One-Eleven.  The presenter from the video uses One Ten-One-Eleven in the video. 

YouTube Video

I found this has really helped the children to pull apart the teen numbers in the area of place value.

We are continuing to review and introduce new sight words.  As you know...your child must recognize 75 sight words by the end of the year.  I sent home a ninja sight word game this week.  Your child wrote words from the 50 word list onto ninja cards.  I sent home a game board to practice these words.  Each player will roll a die.  The number of rolls will determine the number of spaces they move from START.  If they know the word they select from the pile... they color that space.  Their opponent will use a different colored crayon.  You can use this idea to create your own game with additional words they need to practice.  

I loved to play the card game Slap Jack with my brother as a child.  Here is a free sight word printable of SLAP I found for sight words.  I wanted you to see the idea to create your own version of the game at home. Have fun "slapping" sight words with your child!

Nana B's birthday was on February 21st.  She was not here for her birthday so... we celebrated with her on Monday.  Her cake was made by LeFavorite Bakery in Governor Francis.  We wish Nana B. a new year ahead filled with love, happiness, and health.  We are very LUCKY to have the BEST NANA EVER in Room 9 @ Lippitt K!

We built HUGS and KISSES with pattern blocks.  Here is Leah and Embeth showing two different ways to cover the XO pattern with pattern blocks they chose.  It is a great way for them to share their own mathematical way of thinking.  

During indoor recess one day...Cameron was creative with one of the block sets.  He made a set of weights to exercise his arms.  I thought he was very creative with his block building!

We continue to work on number sequence, recognition of numbers out of order to 100, and counting on from any number.  Here Janiyah is cutting hearts with random numbers.  This activity was to practice number writing and to recognize numbers out of number sequence.

I was impressed with her scissor cuting skills.  I caught her in action!

The KinderKids brought home a book called Love is...
On the last page they had to write about someone or something they loved.  We were pleasantly surprised when Caralee and Farrah expressed their love for Mrs. D and I. Thank you girls!  We LOVE having you in Room 9!


Jenna and Kyla are former students of mine.  They are currently third graders at Lippitt.  They came in on Wednesday to assist Mrs. D with our March bulletin board in the hallway.  Thank you for visiting, helping and for your cutting skills.

We recently have begun subtraction.  Here Caralee is demonstrating to the class how to play Dice Subtraction.  She was creating a visual for them on the dry erase board.  She created two boxes for the equation set up.  The first box was for the larger number die.  The second box was for the smaller number die.  We are learning the larger number always goes first.  We used our fingers, the numberline on their name tag to frog jump backwards or used cubes/legos as manipulatives.  

Here is a football math game I found for you.  We are discussing math vocabulary that focuses on subtraction.  This game's focus word is DIFFERENCE.

Here are some subtraction  math vocabulary words for you to review at home with your child...

These words are helpful to know when we are working on word problems. :) Yes, word problems in Kindergarten!  I have sent a few home.  I am in the modeling stage with them right now.

Although there is snow outside  our windows, I am hopeful Spring is ALMOST here!  Happy new month of MARCH to all from an Irish K Teacher!  


Love is in the air in K...

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Once again, I am sending a shout out to the Patriots!  Colin,a K student in Rm.9, waited patiently to have the Pats icon shaved on his head for 3 hours.  Yes, three hours.  That is a true and patient fan!  Here he is at design completion @ the barber shop!

Cameron had a Super Bowl ring to share with his KinderKid friends.  

Pretty fancy ring for a KinderKid!  He actually let me try it on and brought me a Pats cupcake and cup to recognize their win.  Thank you, Cameron x 2!

To continue to promote the Super Bowl win, we welcomed back Mrs. D.  We were all glad to WELCOME her back.  She was truly missed.  

In addition, we had a Sight Word Super Bowl.  The word that Team 1 fumbled on was too.  It was a close game in Room 9.  This is a simple way to practice sight words at home.  Ask your child how we had our own Super Bowl!  These are sight word magnets that I purchased from Lakeshore.  I love them!  They can easily placed on your fridge at home.  :)

Above the KinderKids played Connect Four with a partner.  They identified teen numbers on double ten frames to find on their boards.  We worked on the word STRATEGY to successfully circle four teen numbers in a row.  

Another partner game we played was Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe.  I encourage you to play this at home.  I typed some of the words from our 50 word list for them to select from.  It is a easy and fun way to reinforce the words they must recognize by June.  Give it a try!  :)

We made a paper bouquet for Braylin's mom.  His mom recently gave birth to her third child named Nolan.  Congrats to Braylin and his family.  He is one proud brother.

I am participating in the Highlander Teacher Program.  It involves an employee from Highlander coming in to assist me with adding technology successfully into my classroom.  I would like to thank Maureen for her assistance she has provided to me and the KinderKids.   Above Maureen was guiding Olivia and Sophia through the app SEESAW.  It allows the KinderKids to select a piece of work, take a photo, and record why they are proud of it.  It is awesome to watch this take place.

Below Greg, a 5th grader and former K student of mine, is assisting Dakota earlier in the week with SEESAW.  I am grateful to Greg assisting me with the KinderKids as well.  It is super cool to have a former student come back and assist me.  :)

Dakota is searching for her favorite entry in her Poetry Journal.  She will record in her on words and state why she is proud of the piece she selects.  

I am piloting one of the new Math programs Warwick is considering for next year.  Above Caralee is showing 4 ways how to model 10.  I was impressed with her rod, illustration of dice, a ten frame, and her fingers.  Wow x 4!

The KinderKids enjoyed sticker tag at Halloween so...they requested it again.  They completed the class WOW board for the third time in January.  They chose sticker tag and cupcakes as their reward.  Here they are getting ready to stick each other with hearts.  It was more challenging this time because they had to peel the backs off the foam sticker hearts.  Braylin had glitter on his stickers with no backs to remove.  This is what happens when the Dollar Tree does not have 30 stickers for each child in one type of sticker.  Don't you just love Caralee's facial expression?

They had another enjoyable game of sticker tag.  Olivia was the student that did not have any stickers at the end of the game of tag.  Kiss your Sticker Tag Brain, Olivia! Sorry Olivia... I did not take a photo of your success.  

We gave the KinderKids the choice of hot pink or red heart glasses as a gift.  Mrs. D is shown with the girls.  I am above with the four boys.  I thought they looked adorable with their heart shades on.

Last year, I decided to begin these Secret Treat bags.  It was one of my best holiday decisions.  It eliminates cards-which I love!  Each child selected a bag other than their own.  They really enjoyed opening the bags and seeing what they received inside.  Thank you for your family support with making this possible!  Below is Leah, Olivia, Janiyah and Cameron.  Janiyah wanted to give Cameron a hug for her new I love you purple puppy.  Cameron was glad she loved it!

We worked on heart number sequence as well.  Below Hannah is using her 100 chart as a resource to find numbers after on the heart sequence paper.  I love how I caught her in math action!  Thumbs up, Hannah!

Embeth was born on a very cool day.  She was born on...LOVE DAY aka Valentine's Day.  Here she is with her birthday crown and Starbursts!

I found a new Valentine game to play this year.  It is called Under Sweet Wraps.  I asked the KinderKids to bring in gloves or mittens.  They were provided with a wrapped two pack package of Starbursts.  They had to open the package and unwrap the Starbursts.  It was a close game.  It was very fun to be a teacher observer.

Through my observations, I learned that the gloves worked better than the mittens.  The yarn made it more challenging.  :)  The final unwrapping scores were 11 and 9.

The KinderKids particpated in Jump Rope for Heart with Mrs. Colangelo's First Grade class.  I was so impressed with the rope activity they participated in after the actual jump roping.  Farrah truly got AIR!

The KinderKids selected a STEM(science, technology, engineering & math) pattern block LOVE picture they wanted to complete.  Below is the diamond ring completed by Olivia, heart key by Braylin and the heart by Caralee and Cameron.  

On Valentine's Day, I read The Day It Rained Hearts.  We really loved saying the main character's name, Cornelia Augusta.  Here is a You Tube video for your viewing...

YouTube Video

We completed two comprehension pages after I read the book.  I encourage you to review the parts of a story with your child at home.  Here is a catchy familiar tune to assess your child's understanding after reading @ home with them.

YouTube Video

This primary school site has a list of appropriate questions to ask your child after reading.  I am glad I can share it with you...

I hope everyone has a nice long weekend.  I began my weekend with seeing KC and the Sunshine Band last night with my aunt.  It was a blast. I hope you are creating new memories with your child this weekend.  

Ask your child about the fictional town called...Hugville!

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MLK Day and Hug Day share the same date every year!  Nana B loves to share facts with me.  She informed me of this so... I had to find some hug books to share with the KinderKids.  Thank you, Nana B!  

Since it was Hug Day I decided to search books with hugs in the title at WPL.  I found quite a few and requested them.  I know I have mentioned this before but it really is a great service they offer.  You simply request and they arrive from all over RI.  I shared with the KinderKids the different cities where they came from.  I would suggest visiting different libraries throughout RI with your child.  I really like Barrington Library.  They have a great Childrens' Room upstairs and a playground in the back of the library.  Maybe something for a spring car ride...
Anyways, I began the Hug Book collection with a book called Hugville.  I own this book.  I purchased it from a book bin at the local Stop and Shop.  It truly is one of my best book finds.  The children really enjoyed learning about the hugs from the town and how to embrace the different types of hugs.  We have a HUG JAR that we pulled from to re-enact the hugs I demonstrated to them.  It is such a great feeling as an educator to be sitting with a group of children that are eager to listen to a story and take part in a simple act of kindness.  

Here are some of the other books that I read...
Hug This Book!
Sloppy Wants a Hug
No Hugs for Porcupine
Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug
Hedgehog Needs a Hug
Big Bear Hug

It was decided that Hugville was our favorite however, the other winners were No Hugs for Porcupine and Big Bear Hug.  I am going to purchase No Hugs for Porcupine for my collection.  Olivia was very excited because one of the main characters in Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug was named Olivia.  She was famous for the day!

Miss Tabitha has been a lunch assistant at Lippitt for a while.  Some of you may know her from working at the local Dunkin Donuts as well.  Friday was her last day at Lippitt.  She will be working at another childcare setting in Warwick.  We wish her the best in the next chapter in her life.  Here is our Hug Line before she left on Friday.

Last week we had a science program provided by PTO.  Thank you to PTO for allowing our students to enjoy this program called Mad Science.  I love that the scientist called the students...Tiny Humans!  Here are two photos captured during the show.  The photo on the left he is demonstrating what flash paper does and on the right is dry ice.  Please ask your child abou the show and what they learned...

We are learning about teen numbers.  The recent s-n-t was to bring a teen number of objects.  Here is Embeth placing her dinosuars into a group of ten and ones.  In addition, she was able to provide us with each dinosaur's name and a fact about each one.  Maybe Embeth will be a future scientist?

We recently read a leveled reader about different modes of transportation on how children can arrive at school.  Please place these books in your child's book boxes at home to read at night.  They use their resources in the book to help them with spelling and locating words in print.  Dakota did a fabulous job with her letter formation, spacing and neatness for her writing response journal.  Kiss your writing brain, Dakota!

We no longer teach money in K however, I do expose them to what each coin looks like and their name.  We taked about heads and tails and how it relates to various activities in life such as a coin toss in football.  Here Colin is showing Leah on his nametag what a penny looks like. I encourage the KinderKids to use their classroom resources to make their lives easier.  

We complete a daily math prompt book.  It is a great resource that I found however, it does not go past the 100th day.  Last week, we learned how flamingoes can sleep standing on one leg.  We all stood like flamingoes and attempted this including Miss A.  Farrah and Isabella were the last two flamingoes standing.  They made it look flawless.  However, Isabella received the titled of longest standing flamingo when Farrah's leg decided to call it quits.  I was so proud of the level of balance they demonstrated.  Farrah is on the left and Isabella is on the right. 

We have been working on ordinal numbers as well.  I have two ordinal puzzle activities that the Kinderkids were split into groups to complete.  The object of completing the puzzles was to place the puzzles in order from 1st to 10th with no talking.  One team was more successful than the other.  We discussed the strategies each team used and what worked the best to achieve their final outcome as a team.

The KinderKids love working with partners.  We discuss our level of talking during these activities.  We are using our whisper voices since we are sitting so close to one another.  Here Caralee and Braylin are taking turns flipping their egg sight words.  As mentioned before, daily sight word review with your child is essential to move their fluency forward by June.

We did a final hug project to send home to you.  The last hug book I read was called 
Paper Hug. It was a book about a boy whose father was in the military and going to be deployed.  The paper hug allowed his dad to always have his hug with him at all times(even though they were miles apart).  The KinderKids made their own paper hugs on Friday to give to someone at home.  We measured a ribbon from the tip of one finger's hand to their other finger's hand.  


I encourage you to read the Paper Hug book with your child.  This is a simple way to make a hug to send to relatives or friends in the mail.  It can teach them how to fill out an envelope and send to someone they love.  

I have an older laptop.  I have been in denial that I need to purchase a new one.  This blog it did not allow me to upload You Tube videos I wanted to share with you about books and learning concepts.  My apologies.  Hopefully, it will work itself out before my next entry.

Here is a photo of Cameron's brother's haircut.  Toby was in my class four years ago.  I love his spirit he has for our local team I had to share it with you and make Toby famous on the blog...

Go Pats!  I can not wait for Edelman to shave his beard. :)

I think Phil Jackson states it best...

We could all apply this to our daily lives including myself!  

Writing before the game...Go Pats!

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I did not take as many photos for this blog.  I have to remember to leave my phone out to capture more.  :)

We occasionally play a number game in which the children sit in a circle and go around counting by ones.  The goal is to count to the largest number they can reach.  It was awesome to see Braylin and Joe get past 100 with confidence.  Joe took the title of HIGHEST NUMBER COUNTER with 137!  I was so proud of his counting abilities.

We were given a book from Mrs. Ainsworth's fourth grade prior to the start of 2019.  I saved it to start the new year.  It was called ishi.  It was such as nice surprise to have kindness spread from Room 25(my former 4th grade home) to Room 9.  In addition, she sent down mini rocks for each of the KinderKids.  We all loved the story.  I gave them the choice of Emoji stickers to decorate their own ishi rock with.  

Just looking at these Emoji choices they made makes me...smile.

Here is the book.  We sent it on to the other K class.  Wonder who they will send it too?

YouTube Video

We place entries into our poetry books weekly.  These entries focus on recognition of sight words, building fluency and finding words within words.  Here are a few recent entries from Caralee and Olivia...

When these come home at the end of the year, they will be a great collection of short reads.  

Last week we did not have any PE or ART due to no subs to cover.  During those times, I try to do an activity that would have occurred in their missed class.  I taught the KinderKids how to do wall squats in the gym and a directed drawing of snowmen.  As I have mentioned before, I do not have any artistic talent.  I am glad directed drawings are available to guide me.

Here is Karsten showing us his impressive wall squat and Hannah working on her very impressive piece of artwork...

Here is the sample I found on-line to share with the KinderKids...

We are using Responsive Classroom activities this year for the first time.  It has many components.  One of the components of the program, is building interaction amongst the KinderKids.  We recently completed a partner share where they discussed foods they liked.  It was to see what they had in common with their likes.  I was eavesdropping during their conversations.  I was so impressed with Colin's way of thinking.  He suggested to his partner that they come up with a healthy choice and a non-healthy choice.  Kiss your brain, Colin!

Above Sophia and Cameron are whispering what foods interest them...

We are working more and more on writing formation, spacing, capitals, and punctuation.  Here is a picture of Dakota writing about her brothers.  Jack was a former K student of mine.  

Don't you love their hair?  I do!

Below is a picture of me made by artist, Leah...

Thank you for making me famous Leah!  She used a strategy to draw lines for her words.  You can do this at home when writing with your child.  We are working on recognizing the number of words in each sentence.  

I recently went to Cranston Public Library.  I enjoy going to the Childrens' section and viewing books I not familiar with.  I found a few.  One of the books was about friendship and had a sequel.  It was exciting to find a tarantula in the book named Rex.  Mr. Susla has a girl tarantula named Rex.  Maybe one day he will bring her in for a town meeting with the kids.  

Here is Rex's page from the book.  

I loved that each book had three stories in one!

I am a big fan of Peter Reynolds books.  I read to the KinderKids the book called Word Collector.  This is why they brought in four words from their own world for
s-n-t.  I saved this s-n-t for this upcoming week.  We are going to make our own word tree.  You could do something similar at home with their sight words(of words they know).  

I love this book!  Here is the author sharing his thoughts on the book...

YouTube Video

I had a student last year that wanted me to watch him play hockey.  Due to my health, I was unable to go see a game.  I recently went to see him play.  I wanted to give a shout-out to Angelo for making two goals when I watched him in action.  I was so proud of him!

I would love to see the Kinderkids in their events this year.  Please let me know of any events they have coming up.  

In closing, as the KinderKids continue to build their  reading fluency it is imporant for them to set their next achievable goal/s.  They can set a personal goal by practicing sight words daily and reading. Let's all reach recognition of 75 words and a Level D book by June.

Year Ends/Year Begins

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I am so LUCKY to have this class this year.  I can not believe all we have accomplished since September.  Now as we begin the month of January, reading will become more intense to build your child's fluency.  I ask that you review sight words daily, read from their book box daily, and read to them!  This class truly enjoys being read too.  I love to look at all their facial expressions and listen to their predictions  as to what might happpen on the next...page.  We have enjoyed creating our own unique endings for open-ended stories.  We are focusing on details, details, details.  It causes them to ask themselves...WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW.

The week before break we had some holiday fun.  We had a few bow races.  We created teams by counting off by twos.  The first game was to hold as many bows in their hands and run to the bucket, fill it, run back and tag their next teammate.  Mrs. S and I counted the overflowing buckets to reveal the winning team.  The bow winners carried over 100 bows to their team's bucket!  
The second game was to place a bow on top of their head without having it fall off to the finish line. This was more of a challenge.  
I love Dakota's determination & Caralee's expression while she is cheering on her teammate with her K friends...

Can you see why I LOVE my job?

The next activity we did was donut bobbing.  Mrs. D and I did this with the KinderKids last year for the first time.  The KinderKids loved it!  This was chosen by the KinderKids as their second PBIS party this year.  They completed the WOW chart of 100 paws for the second time.  This tells you how this class responds well to positive reinforcement.  We are in the 80s right now for the third WOW chart.

Olivia, Embeth and Isabella are caught in action for their love of donuts.  Thank you to Mr. Susla for standing in line to get the donuts for us.  

I have been making KinderStars during my years of teaching K with my students.  Dakota's mom sent me a photo of Dakota's brother's KinderStar(Jack).  It is wonderful to see previous K students still displaying their star on their tree along with their current K siblings.  

I would like to thank my friend, Chuck, for visiting our classroom to transport our Santa letters to Santa.  I was thrilled that siblings received letters as well.  I am appreciative of him and his friends at the Post Office making this possible for Room 9.

Chuck loves Peppermint Patties!  So an elf named Miss A had her helper, Caralee, give them to our mail carrier friend.  Dakota is placing her letter with her want, need, and book choice into Chuck's mailbag.

We play many partner games in class to promote turn taking, sportsmanship, and skill review.  This game focused on the math skill of number recognition.  I am not a fan of spinners so... we cut and make our own version of a game.  :)

We have been working on counting by twos.  I absolutely love shoes.  It is an addiction of mine.  I found a great leveled reader about counting by twos.  This should be in your child's book box to read as well as review the math concept.  When we count in class by twos, we flash out the peace sign to represent TWO.
I have shared math counting videos before with you.  Here is one focusing on this skill...

YouTube Video

I play my own controlled version of Yankee Swap with the KinderKids with books from Scholastic.  I have them pick a number and then they are able to pick a new book of their choice to keep(with a bookmark from the K Team of Room 9).  
They select a book from a selection placed on the mat.  I tell them to pick three choices in their head ahead of time.  They may not get their first choice.  This was my first class in a long time that was appreciative and thankful for the books they received.  
Here are some of them taking picture walks...
BTW...It was our schoolwide PJ day.

As a teacher, this puts a HUGE smile on my face!

We had a Hershey Kiss Hunt and Count thanks to Ms. Rafferty, the other K's TA.  She gave me several kisses to hide around the room.  The KinderKids were told to find ten kisses around the room.  Then we took it to the next step by placing them onto our 100 chart.  Please practice counting at home by ones to 100, fives to 100 and tens to 100.  Thank you x 3!

We complete a poetry journal on a weekly basis which focuses on finding sight words.  This entry focused on seeing gifts.  I taught the students how to draw a 3-D BOW gift box by using a directed drawing.  I was impressed with Caralee's artistic talent.

This week's s-n-t was to bring in a gift they received from Christmas.  Karsten brought in a Beyblade.  He demonstrated for all of us with success.  This is a new age version of a TOP.  I love how he used his RESOURCE on the actual toy to write his label which he brought in.  

Braylin brought in a toy which my Texan nephews would love.  In the actual crate... it had a mini rocket ice pop as well.  This brought me make to my childhood memories of the ice cream truck coming down my street in Riverside.  

We began our new year by creating festive hats to discuss our new year's number of 2019!  The short version being 19! Here is the K gang of Room 9 and Janiyah striking a pose for her 2019 start.


I found a great new tradition for toasting our new year together.  I found this bottle of bubbly perfect for the KinderKids!  We all placed one hand on the neck of the plastic bottle.  I had to ask Mr. D, our PE teacher, for assistance in opening our bubbly.  It opened from the...bottom!  Miss A learned something new.  We all enjoyed a piece of chocolate to start our new year in Room 9.  

Embeth was able to hold the bottle for all to see.  She has the next b-day in February.  We have NO January b-days in Room 9.

This first book I read for the new year was Squirrel's New Year's Resolution.  I absolutely love this book because it clearly explains the idea of WHAT a resolution is for a child.  It explains a resolution as...
-a way to improve yourself
-a way to help others

I began with one of my resolutions to FLOSS everyday at the suggestion of my hygientist, Jenna.  

Here are the KinderKids' resolutions in writing :)
Farrah, Karsten, Caralee, Colin, Isabella, and Sophia will help others daily.

Leah will help Miss A daily.  

Olivia will help @ home.

Braylin, Embeth, and Janiyah will practice their names daily.

Cameron will do more caring for others.  

Here is the You Tube video of the book being read...

YouTube Video

We completed a book follow-up activity to connect each animal in the story with their unique resolution.  Here is Farrah setting up her story map of the animals and their resolutions.

I spent the holiday break with my dad in FL.  It was a warm vacation which allowed me to golf twice and walk daily along the golf course paths/neighborhoods.  During my walk, I even had the local birds join me.  I was able to get close to this guy to take a photo at the end of my dad's street.

Here is a kid's fact page about Egrets...

In closing, Happy New Year to all the families of Room 9!  Here is a quote to inspire you and your child for the new year ahead.  Create your own book of memories!

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