Health Assistance/ Events

St. Frances Cabrini Clinic of Most Holy Trinity Church  1234 Porter St.  Detroit, MI 48226-2407  (313) 961-7863  Fax: (313) 965-9891
Provides: Medical Clinic(walk in for established patients only insured only), Mental Health Clinic(Wednesdays by appointment only), Dermatology(2nd Tuesday of every month-by appointment only), Diabetic Classes(3rd Tuesdays @ 4p.m)

Hope Clinic  Ypsillanti, MI
Medical/Dental Clinc(by appointment uninsured only) Dental appointment Listing opens a few times a year

Derrick's AFC Home 4885 Ivanhoe St. Detroit, MI 48204-3675 (313) 895-4405  Manager/Owner Cassandra Derrick

New Haven Adult Care 5001 Kensington Avenue Detroit, MI 48224 (313) 640-4150