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Course Objective:

In this course we will study the structure and properties of matter, types of energy, heat and temperature, energy processes, astronomy, magnetism, and the theory of plate tectonics. The course emphasizes the development of laboratory skills, critical thinking and mathematical analysis of data. This course is a survey of Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space Science.

Be sure to review, sign, and submit the course policy sheet and lab safety contract 

Essential Content:

  1. Science Inquiry
  2. Waves, Stars, and Galaxies
  3. Elements and the Periodic Table
  4. Properties of Matter
  5. Energy, Heat and Temperature
  6. Plate Tectonics
  7. Forces and Motion
  8. Magnetism 

Science Department Competencies and their Weights for Physical Science 
1.  Scholarship  20%

Students will demonstrate responsible behavior and preparedness for engaging in the

pursuit of knowledge and understanding of science. Example: Homework Assignments

     2.  Scientific Literacy  30%

The student is able to apply their knowledge of scientific concepts and processes to the evaluation and presentation of issues  that arise and to the decisions that they make in their daily life, about the natural world and changes made to it through human activity. Example: Labs, Lab Reports.

     3.  Facility with Knowledge  40%

The student will demonstrate the ability to critique and apply facts, information, and skills acquired in Chemistry.

Example:  Tests, Quizzes and Projects

 4.  Tri Exam 10%

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