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This is the technology support web page for Warren Middle School parents and community.  Within this site, you will find helpful resources and tutorials.  I hope you can use this site to learn how to use Google Apps for Education, and learn more about the Chromebooks and Chrome browser. I hope to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to check in regularly, share your technology experiences and ask for help.  We're in this together!

How do I use this website?

Browse through this page to get brief introductory material... then look for the tab of information you are looking for.  Some tabs will take you places (hyperlinks to websites or Youtube) and some tabs will be more explanatory and/or visual in nature.  Feel free to email me questions or comment in the Comments/Blog Share tab.  

Hope you enjoy the journey with us!

What are the Google Apps for Education?

Also affectionately known as GAFE, Google Apps for Education are a suite of programs and tools that are provided by Google that are easily integrated into the field of education.  Do you want GAFE for your child?  What are other districts doing?  Well...

So what are they going to be doing with their Chromebooks?

Students will be using the following Google Apps as their Basic Tools:
  • Google Drive Creating Tools: Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Draw
  • Google Drive Assessment Tools: Forms
  • Google Sites: Using Websites, Building Websites
  • Google Calendar and Google Drive Folders: Organization Tools

Are there any other tools or apps available in Google?  YES!  Here are a few you might enjoy with your children!
  • YouTube: Creating Playlists, Uploading and Sharing Video
  • Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Google News and Google Translate


What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are devices that access the Internet.  There is no software installed, no updates for programs. Chromebooks run the Google Chrome browser, which updates automatically and regularly while you are on the Web.  Since there is no software, the devices have nothing to load.  The result is a superfast connection to the Internet (8 seconds from powering up, 1 second from sleep mode on average).  This makes these affordable devices perfect for the classroom, no more waiting!

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a group of programs with the following features:

-Creation Tools (Docs, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Draw, Forms)
-Autosaves as you work
-Stores your Docs on the Cloud
-Uses all types of devices: multi-platform
-Accessible anywhere there is Internet!
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