EC Program Overview

Mission Statement:  "The needs of our students are foremost in the decision-making process.  Asking, "Is this good for our students?”  serves as our leading question before rendering decisions.   Our students are our customers, and the majority of decisions we make will impact their educational well-being; therefore, they must be considered first.

Beliefs and Unifying Principals

  • ª  All children can learn at a higher level
  • ª  All children can learn when conditions are created in our schools which motivate them to learn
  • ª  High expectations produce high achievement.
  • ª  A commitment to equity and excellence for all of our students is critical to our success
  • ª   Students can learn best when they are in safe, caring, and inviting schools and classrooms
  • ª Education is a shared responsibility among home, school, and community

Each school within the district has:


Special Education Teachers

Speech/Language Pathologist

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist

Access to a contracted Audiologist

Access to a contracted school psychologist

Access to Pinnacle Counseling Services

Access to a School Social Workers

Access to a Resource Officers

Access to a Behavior Liaison, Behavior Interventionist, or Dean of Student

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