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Virtual Field Trips

Field trips can be amazing learning experiences.   They provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in education, offering learning possibilities that aren’t readily available in the classroom. Tight budgets, location, transportation, time, and resource restrictions can keep your students school-bound. Now students can explore the world with simulations that are so realistic, they will believe they have left the classroom by taking a virtual field trip.
360 Panoramic Tour of the United States

The 4-H Virtual Farm walk you through Horse, Fish, Cattle, Dairy, Poultry, and Wheat Farms.
NOTE: You will need quicktime and flash to run the Virtual Farm.

Airpano - 360 degree aerial program. 3D virtual tours around the world. Photos of the most interesting places on Earth.

The Archaeology Channel's videos cover everything from Pre-Columbian to Poverty Point to the Acropolis to Lewis and Clark.

BlueZones: Quest for the Fountain of Youth traveled to Okinawa to explore the long-lived Okinawan people, and learn their 'longevity recipe'.

The Centre of the Cell has games and interactives to understand cells, cell research, and shows how cancer develops.

CESA7 - eField Trips resources.

Colonial Williamsburg - Resources and tours.

The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia tours 42 different buildings in Historic Philadelphia, and covers the signing of our Constitution.

Deadly Ascent from PBS's NOVA chronicles the climbing of the tallest peak in North America, the survival skills needed on such a trek, and a team of doctors and climbers test the body's response to extreme cold and high altitude.

Easter Island is a fascinating place, so why not take the students there? Seventy-five archaeologists and a 75 person crew went there to find out the hows and whys of the giant stone megaliths, and watch as a team tries to erect a megalith, using only the tools available to ancient Easter Islanders.

The Education Cafe - e-field trips. A place for parents, teachers, and students around the world to get educational support. Includes articles on classroom, homeschool, parenting toddlers to teens, adoption, international schools, boarding schools, and national schools.

Endangered Ecosystems takes students to the ecosystems of Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil.

The Exploratorium Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception currently features Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists, where you can meet the scientists, watch the local wildlife, and understand their work in the Arctic and Antarctic. There are many more VFT's here. Also check out the Ten Cool Sites!

GOALS (Global Online Adventure Learning Site) lists 11 different VTF's all with a emphasis on science, technology and nature. Some of the favorites are the expeditions of Bill & Helen Thayer (they have been to the Arctic, the Amazon, the Sahara and much more); the story of Karen Thorndike (the only American woman to sail solo around the world in a sloop); and Warm Winds (the story of the Ingalls family as they set sail from Seattle and are cruising the South Pacific).

Go North! is a free adventure learning program which incorporates 2900+ schools in the US and on six continents. Over a five-year period, a team of educators, scientists and explorers are dog sledding. LIVE to five circumpolar Arctic locations. The Go North! web site includes a 300+ page curriculum and activity guide. Students will learn geographic, natural and social science literacy; environmental understanding; appreciate human diversity and traditional values, and gain a respect, interest and knowledge of and across cultural boundaries.

Google Art Project is the collection of 1000+ works from 17 highly acclaimed art museums in the world. You can virtually walk the aisles of these museums and view high resolution images of paintings. Google allows you to create your own art collection by saving individual paintings to a portfolio where you can add notes to the paintings and even share your whole collection.

Google Earth - Build your own trip – Build in Google Maps then export to Google Earth.

Google Moon & Mars

Google Sky - Travel the stars with Google Sky. You can view the position of plants, explore constellations, and even watch the birth of distant galaxies. You can even change the view to see what the sky would look like if we had the ability to view the universe in x-rays or infrared.

Check out Google Search Stories as a way to create a plan for your virtual trip.

Google World Wonders Project - Google Cultural Institute.

Internet4Classrooms has an extensive list of VFT's from other sites, ranging from trips to Alaska & Hawaii to Earth trips (a virtual journey into Earth history) to Galaxy tour (a tour of the planets and stars) to a historical tour of the White House This site is a MUST SEE with over 100 VFT's to cover most any topic.

The Jason Project is a joint venture between National Geographic, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Air and Space Administration (NASA) to have students learn core Earth, Life, and Physical Science Concepts. Current programs Resilient Planet deals with unique ecosystems on earth, and covers ecosystem management from human induced changes. Monster Storms looks at some of the world's most severe weather, and the science needed to save lives and property. Past Jason programs include Oceans, Rainforests, Humpback Whales, Frozen Worlds, and the Volcanoes of Hawaii.

Livebinders – Search “virtual field trips”.

Math Virtual Field Trip - Educators resources.

MuseumSpot.com is a worldwide listing of museums, categorized by subject, country, city and by artist!

NASA has a GREAT interactive website (you will need sound on this web site) which chronicles the first 50 years of NASA

The National Air & Space Museum allows you to browse their on-line database of aircraft and other objects in their collection. If you click on the 'Exhibitions' tab, go down and click 'Online', to access ten different programs from the Wright Brothers to Space Flight.

National Museum of the United States Air Force - See the progression of aeronautics in the US from its beginnings with the Wright brothers all the way to modern day R&D aircraft.

National Park Service - Explore the Grand Canyon National Park.

In North Pole Solo, students learn about the ecosystems and history of the North Pole.

This Old Habitat explores several ecosystems in the Chicago area to see the connection between people, animals, threats to the ecosystem, and how the students are helping with restoration. This VFT will allow students to understand habitats and the basic requirements for all living organisms. Runtime is 28:35. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED QUICKTIME TO RUN THIS VFT.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History - This museum if home to an extensive world-wide collection of zoology, entomology, geology, ad ineralogy, including the local dinosaur finds, a 40 ft. Tyrannosaurus Rex, the observation beehive, and Alice's Dodo.

Panoramas.dk - This website has breathtaking panoramic views of all 7 wonders of the world which include the Colosseum in Rome, The Great Wall in China, Petra in Jordan, The Taj Mahal in India, Machu Picchu in Peru, Christ Redeemer in Rio, and Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Project Explorer - Bring the world into the classroom with free multimedia content and lesson plans that improve students’ global awareness and cross cultural understanding.

Scholastic's Global Trek allows each student to choose a country in which to travel, supplies the student with information on the country, and has the student keep a 'travel journal' about various topics on their journey.

Scholastic's Go for the Gold gets students involved in the Olympics.

Simpkle12 - List by subject area.

Smithsonian Museum - Self=paced, self-guided tour that allow viewers to take a detailed virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of National History. All you have to do is follow the blue arrow around the museum to go on a journey that makes you feel like you're actually walking the halls of the Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian for Kids offers Apollo 11, the Race to Space; Secrets of the Smithsonian; and Spiders in Space. There is also a section with biographies of past Presidents.

Tag Gallery - Visual gallery from text you enter.

The Teacher's Guide - This web site has links to 32 of the world's finest museums, including the home of George Washington, Mount Vernon; a tour of the Holocaust Museum, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; and the American Museum of National History to name only a few. Scroll down further on the page, and you can go to an exhibit on the atom; tour a German U-Boat or see the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Texas A & M's Geology Department - Web site on the geology on the Big Bend. Includes a virtual hike, and information about all the processes Big Bend has gone through.

Texas Parks & Wildlife - Virtual field trips covering such topics as the wagon trains, wildlife, the Gulf Coast, and Texas Caves.

Traditions of the Sun explores the ancient celestial observatories, in the Mexican Yucatan, and in the Chaco Culture National Historic Park, New Mexico. This is funded in part by NASA, National Park Service, and the Institutio Nacional de Antropologia e Historia.

tric - Engage your students while providing the opportunity to visit places and events in the world. Virtual field trips and eField trips can take students to places that they might never have the chance to see. Trips can include images, videos, text or other media such as interactive tours and/or video conferencing.

Utah Education Network - Virtual Field Trips for CTE, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Health & PE, Language Arts, Math, Library Media, Professional Development,Science,Social Studies, Technology, etc. Links to other virtual field trips around the web.

The Vendee Globe 2008 and Skipper Rich Wilson, sail around the world, non-stop. See the Skipper battle sleeplessness, weather, the sea, the wind, icebergs, all while bringing his adventures to school children around the world.

Vicki Blackwell's Internet Guide for Educators - Virtual Field Trips links.

Virtual Field Trips links.

Virtual Field Trips links on About.com.

Washington DC virtual field trip on Wikispaces.

White House Public Tour

White House Tour - Inside the White House floor-by-floor interactive tour. View official White House photos of rooms as well as browse through the history of that room and its unique features.