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Brainstorming/Graphic Organizers/Mindmapping

Brainstorming is a technique used to encourage creative problem solving.

Bubbl - Brainstorm online.

Cool Tools for Schools - Mindmapping and Graphic Organizer Tools, Timeline Tools, Database, Forms and Spreadsheets, Personal Organizers and Notetaking Resources, Curation Tools, Printing Tools, Social Bookmarking and Bookmarking, Password and Form Managers and Email.

Cool Tools for Schools - Graphing and Charting Tools.

Corkboard Me - Online sticky notes, great for collaboration and brainstorming.

EduPlace Graphic Organizers links.

Exploratree - Online library of thinking guides.

Evernote - Great tool for organizing research. Can clip, tag, and create multiple notebooks.

Gliffy - Free online diagram and flowchart software.

Graphic Organizers - Graphic organizer, concept mapping, and mind mapping examples.

Graphic Organizer Generator - Teacher tools from teAchnology.

HubPages - Learn a fun and simple way to create beautiful word clouds that you can use as images on your sites, blogs and hubs.

instaGrok presents each topic as an interactive visual interface, allowing the user to quickly grasp important concepts, key facts and relationships.

Lovely Charts - A diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagrams such as flowcharts, sitemaps, business processes, organization charts, wireframes and many more.

Mindmeister -  Online mind mapping tool.

Mind Mapping Activities - Links to sites for creating mind mapping activities.

Popplet is a wonderful engaging web tool and iPad app that allows for a collaborative mind-mapping experience.

Sample Graphic Organizers from WriteDesign On-Line.

Timetoast - Online timeline maker.

Tricider - Collect ideas and vote. Free online tool for easy brainstorming and voting. For decision making, crowdsourcing and idea generation.

Vennage - Create infographics and other data visualizations.

WebSpiration - Provides a safe and reliable online learning environment that helps students improve their writing and thinking skills.

Wordle - Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.

XMind - Professional and powerful mind mapping software

Wallwisher - Great for brainstorming ideas, creating presentations, getting quick feedback.

Slide Share on Wallwisher  - Tutorial for Wallwisher.

Mindomo - Mind Mapping Made Easy.
Ex: Staff>Links>Digital Tools http://www.mindomo.com/view.htm?m=6e2dc5198fc040dc9260ee59a5b7b676
Graphic organizers help students organize information, classify ideas, construct meaning and communicate more effectively. Graphic organizers are tools to help students structure writing projects, and to help in problem solving, decision making, studying, planning research and brainstorming.

Graphic Organizers

Inspiration - Essential visual thinking and learning tool for planning, researching and completing projects successfully. Using the integrated Diagram and Outline Views, students create graphic organizers and expand topics into writing.

Kidspiration 2 - Visual learning tool created for K-5 learners. It's designed to strengthen reading and writing skills, build conceptual understanding in math, and develop thinking skills across the curriculum.

SpicyNodes - Add visualizations to your blog, create a mindmap or organizational chart, or encourage students to delve deeper.

Webspiration - n Online Visual Thinking Tool that provides a safe and reliable online learning environment that helps students improve their writing and thinking skills.

Graphic Organizer Resources for Further Exploration

Graphic Organizers - Scholastic links to organizers for reading comprehension.

bubbl.us - free, online brainstorming tool; Easily create colorful mindmaps to print or share with others.

Mindmapping articles and search engine.

Webspiration Training from the Assistive Technology Blog.