Attention: JDCC E-Mail has changed!!! 
Your e-mail address will not change but the way you log-in will. 
Google is now providing e-mail services for JDCC (Scalix is no longer in use). 
The log-in looks different but all of your old emails will be there. 
This page will help you learn how to use the new email system.

Google Apps is a newer, faster, easier, more effective way of allowing infinite opportunities for collaboration between students and faculty. Our staff will continue to strive to help you in every way possible. We hope you will have an easy transition and an enjoyable experience while using this new method of communication.

What You Need To Know!
Your email address and password stays the same, although, it will now include @warhawks.jdcc.edu instead of @jdcc.edu. 

To get your user ID and password click here
Start by completing G-Mail Setup

After completing setup you may use the links provided to further your understanding of the Google Apps.

Apps Tutorial


Atmore Weather

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