What we are

The purpose of the federally-funded Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant is to support additional learning time for students in grades K-12 before and/or after school and during the summer that provides creative and engaging academic enrichment opportunities that will help to address college and workforce readiness and success. Wareham Public Schools has 21st Century Community Learning Centers, known as the CARE program at Wareham Middle School, Decas Elementary, Minot Forest Elementary and Wareham High School(ELCP). The CARE and ELCP programs offer two sixteen week after school sessions and a five week summer program. An example of classes has been Robotics, Marine Science, Environmental Art, Cooking Basics, Garden, Mural, Music Exploration, SCRATCH, etc.

Our Internship Program

The purpose of this program is to offer students high school credit while they gain real world work experience. This is a great opportunity for students to learn new skills, increase knowledge, and to engage in relevant experiences while exploring potential career interests. Another purpose of this program is to create and extend relationships with local businesses.  Students can earn high school credit for their work. A maximum 2.5 credits can be earned.

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