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Congratulations to the following students on being selected to honor bands this year:

NEIBA Honor Band: Jarod Bodensteiner, Grace Knipp, Jaycie Dixon
ISU Honor Band: Dylan Lampe, Jarod Bodensteiner
UNI Honor Band: Anna Sauerbrei
Tri-State Honor Band: Hannah Eitzenhefer, Grace Knipp
Young Musician's Honor Band: Ethan Oltrogge, Brayton Kohl, Gunner Meyer, Brody Blaylock

CONGRATULATIONS to the High School Band on their Division I performance at State Contest on May 9th, 2014! This is the first Division I for the band since 2006. We all very proud of our band members!

CONGRATULATIONS to Adam Bodensteiner for being selected for the Iowa All-State Jazz Band! Adam will perform on Thursday, May 15th at the IBA Conference in Des Moines, IA. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Sidney Schnor, Maria Kayser, Grace Knipp, and Jacob Risse for being selected for the Tri-State Honor Band in March!

CONGRATULATIONS to Dylan Lampe, Grant Weepie, Adam Bodensteiner, and Jarod Bodensteiner on being selected for the Iowa State Honor Band in February!

CONGRATULATIONS to Adam Bodensteiner for being selected on trombone to the Iowa All-State Music Festival! This is a great accomplishment and a prestigious honor! Way to go!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jarod Bodensteiner, Ashley Gonzales, and Jacob Risse on being selected for the NEIBA Honor Band!

Congratulations to ALL students who participated in the IHSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest this past year! All students were extremely professional and represented the Wapsie Music Program extremely well! The following are our
division ratings from the weekend:

  • Dylan Lampe, Saxophone Solo (Minuet from Haffner Music, K. 250 by W. A. Mozart): Division II
  • Adam Bodensteiner, Trombone Solo (Morceau Symphonique for Trombone and Piano by Alexandre Guilmant): Division I
  • Jarod Bodensteiner, Trumpet Solo (Petite Piece Concertante by Guillaume Balay): Division II
  • Adam & Jarod Bodensteiner, Mixed Brass Duet (Wandering Brooklet by Schubert, Nine Duets for Trumpet/Trombone VIII by Christian Hartmann: Division II
  • Dylan Lampe, Adam Bodensteiner, and Jarod Bodensteiner, Mixed Instrument Trio (Sinfonia a Tre by Baldi Zenoni): Division II

From February to March, several Junior High and High School band students participated in honor bands at UNI, Iowa State, NEIBA, and Tri-State! These students worked incredibly hard to prepare their music and had amazing musical experiences with students from across the state. Congratulations to the following students for your achievements:

  • Jarod Bodensteiner (UNI, Iowa State, NEIBA)
  • Tessa Tibbott (NEIBA, Iowa State)
  • Adam Bodensteiner (UNI, Iowa State)
  • Dylan Lampe (UNI)
  • Jacob Hammitt (NEIBA)
  • Maria Kayser (NEIBA)
  • Jordan Kalenske (Tri-State)
  • Abby McClain (Tri-State)
  • Sidney Schnor (Tri-State)


Congratulations to Maria Kayser, Jacob Hammitt, Jarod Bodensteiner, and Tessa Tibbott on being selected to participate in the Northeast Iowa Bandmasters’ Association Honor Band Festival on Saturday, December 1, 2012! These students will perform in one of four select ensembles made up of instrumentalists from sixty schools in Northeast Iowa.