Vocabulary Day

Held on the last school day in October and inspired by the book Miss Alaineus by Deb Frasier
   extinct    groovy and military    liberty
Students and staff are encouraged to come dressed as a word. 
During the month of October, the library offers lots of ways for kids to collect words using dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedia articles, and stories.
We post great word ideas on a library bull
etin board.  The library staff provides each class with a headband that can be decorated to show what a specific word means--the word MUST be on the headband.  Kids can add a costume to this headband and really get into  the word challenge! 

Kids can dress as any word, but some classes choose themes, such as
  • science words
  • math words
  • seasonal words
  • words from a book they are reading
  • Ms. DePaoli gives out special treats for music words.
We have found that nouns are the easiest! 

A photographer roams the building to capture all our great costumes.