Our second graders have tips on using the Plympton library well...

Judi Paradis, Library Teacher

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December in the library

What's happening in the library?  Check out our weekly commercial:

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Multicultural Book Donation Program:  Donate a book in honor of a family member or favorite teacher.  Details here!

Projects!  See what kids are doing in the library here.  
This month, look at our grade 1 Thanksgiving Then and Now project, grade 2 animal articles, grade 3 Plimoth Plantation photos, grade 4 Constitution project, and grade 5 metaphors!

When does your child come to the library?  The schedule is here!

Waltham Children's Book Award Program:
Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will participate in a new citywide reading initiative this year called the Waltham Children's Book Award.   Find book lists and more information about this program here.

What are librarians reading?

Destiny Quest Accounts:  
Students in grades 4 and 5 have Destiny Quest accounts that they use to recommend books to friends and to keep track of what they are reading.  Students can follow the directions here to see how to get into their accounts from home computers.  All students have discussed how to use this social media responsibly.

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