Mrs. Taddeo and Mr. Audette showed us some great math words on Vocabulary Day!

Judi Paradis, Library Teacher

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November in the library!

What's happening this week?  Check our library weekly commercial!

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Two Book Smackdown!  Want to find the BEST book on a topic you love?  Try our two book smackdown and see how its done.  You can read about it here.

Vocabulary Celebration:  was so fun!  Kids really got into dressing up to show what a word means.  You can see lots of our words on display here.

Library word of the month:  DATABASE:  information organized so it can be easily found on a computer--we have some great databases at Plympton School!

Massachusetts Children's Book Award program is in full swing.  Students in grades 4 and 5 are reading their way through the list as all books arrived in the library this month.  Watch here for updates!

Research is underway!  Research projects are an important part of our library program.  This month we've got lots going on:
  • Kindergarten kids looking to see which fictional character is a top dog!
  • First graders will be writing their own books about real animals
  • Second grade students are learning about what lives at the bottom of the ocean!
  • Grade 3 is helping Squanto give good advice to the Pilgrims
  • Grade 4 students are examining rocks and minerals
  • Grade 5 students are looking at European exploration of the Americas