Grade 5 students came by to select books about "real life role models."  Kids can come by the library this month to find great books about real people who show us how Positive Attitude, Responsibility, Including Others, Determination and Etiquette can help lead to a great life!

Judi Paradis, Library Teacher

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May in the library!

What's happening this week?  Check our weekly library commercial!


Our Poet-Tree:  When you tell Plympton students to write original poems and hang them up on our "poet-tree" for National Poetry Month--they do!  Katie in grade 2 wrote:
April showers will bring May flowers
But May flowers
will bring bees
and blossoms

Library word of the month:  BIOGRAPHY:   the story of a real person's life

Information book TIC TAC TOE.  Can you get three in a row?  Get your sheet here and return it to Ms. Paradis by May 31.

It's time to round up library books!  Please start looking for missing books this month and returning them to the library.  Students who have overdue books will be asked to leave their books in the library this month until they've returned their missing books.