Plympton students explain how to use the library

Judi Paradis, Library Teacher

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September in the library!


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Library Checkout Times:
Each Plympton class has a weekly time to come and borrow books.  Ms. Paradis will be organizing this schedule during the month.  Check here to see when your child will be coming for weekly "library time."  Note that students and their families are welcome any time the library is open to borrow materials.

Destiny Quest Accounts:  
Students in grades 4 and 5 have Destiny Quest accounts that they use to recommend books to friends and to keep track of what they are reading.  Students can follow the directions here to see how to get into their accounts from home computers.  All students have discussed how to use this social media responsibly.

Borrow a telescope:
The Plympton Library now has 2 telescopes to checkout to families who would like to borrow these to look at the night sky with their children.  Students who would like to take these home for a week, can get a permission slip from the library.  Students must have this slip signed to borrow a telescope

Plympton Library Calendar:

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