Math in the library!  Kindergarten students read How Many Feet in the Bed by Dianne Johnston Hamm and then tried to determine how many feet were in their own houses.

Judi Paradis, Library Teacher

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April in the library

National Poetry Month:  Stop by the library this month and help celebrate!  Each week we will be sharing a poem of the week that kids can illustrate.  We'll also be asking kids to share poems they write or poems they find in books on our "Poet-Tree" in the library.  Be sure to also look through the large selection of poetry books on display!  To add to the fun, Kindergarten kids are exploring the rhymes and rhythms found in poetry this month when they come to the library.

Grade 3 Kids are using their simple machine knowledge to do some cool engineering.  Check here to see a short of film of the efforts they put in to move a pine cone exactly 3 feet!

Do you know who the BEST President was?  The first grade is on it!  We decided that good presidents are fair, honest, hard-working, smart, and friendly, but still serious.  Stay tuned while we gather evidence this month.

Steve Jenkins Author Study:  Kids in our grade 1 enrichment group are taking a look at one of Ms. Paradis' favorite authors this month.  To see a little bit about his work, check out this video from TeachingBooks.net