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We had a great time on Immigration Day sharing ideas about what immigrants think about coming to America and how they enrich our culture!

Judi Paradis, Library Teacher

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May in the library

Getting Ready for Author/Illustrator Brian Lies!  Our PTO is sponsoring a visit with author/illustrator Brian Lies on June 3.  Stop by the library this month and help us get ready to meet him!  You can get a look at his work on his website--here.

Grade 1 Students are learning about national symbols...see what they learned here.

Flag Day is coming!  Our grade 1 enrichment kids came up with some alternatives to the Pledge of Allegiance.  See if you like them better than the original.

Kindergarten is planting, and our seeds are starting to sprout!

Scientists observe carefully...so we tried to draw exactly what these seedlings looked like.  Then we read and watched videos to find out what the parts of these plants actually do!

Massachusetts Children's Book Award List for 2015-16 is out!  Start reading here.