Version 12


Staff log into Kurzweil with their own username and password.  The format for usernames is firstnamelastnamewps.  


Students log into Kurzweil with their own username and password. However, teachers must roster them into a class before the student can use Kurzweil with their own username. The format for usernames is lasidwps.  
Generic usernames Each school has been set up with a generic student username and password.  This should be used until such time teachers can roster students into their class, using the VPort Administration.  Elementary schools have a grade level shared username, as well as one for special ed and ELL.  See attached below.
 waltham or hstudent1
 mcdevitt or mcdstudent1
Passwords are 6 digits.


If you need to know the passwords, contact Instructional Technology Specialist or Library Teacher.  They can lookup the password format in the Library and Technology Standards, Skills and Initiatives (a google site that they have access to).

Mar 27, 2012, 5:12 PM