About Bookshare



Teachers - need a Bookshare username and password?  Contact Sandra Roby who will enroll you as a "Sponsor" in Bookshare.


To add students to Bookshare:

1. See what students qualify for using Bookshare: http://www.bookshare.org/about/membershipQualifications

2. Enter your student(s)" information into the Excel template (below)

3. Log into Bookshare and go to My Organizations and upload the Excel file.  Students will then become "members" in Bookshare (may take 1-2 days).


Questions - need help?  e-mail Sandra Roby


There are numerous webinars in Bookshare to help you learn how to use Bookshare. Log into Bookshare and then click here: http://www.bookshare.org/_/help/training/upcomingWebinars#Pre-recorded_Webinars


Shared server space to download content to use with Kurzweil:  \\wanserver10\Kurzweil$

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