Educational Plan/Vision

Principal DeMeo's Presentation to The School Committee


Please watch a short clip of Principal DeMeo's presentation to the School Committee articulating the draft educational plan/vision for the new or renovated Waltham High School.  This plan has been drafted with school and district leaders and presented to the high school team for feedback and consideration.  More work will be done in coming weeks and months as we receive additional feedback. We are particularly interested in receiving feedback from the community as we hone this vision. Click on "Contact Us" to leave feedback on the educational vision.  

Education Plan Op-Ed

The WHS Vision


If you have trouble viewing the presentation,
click here to access a PDF version of Principal DeMeo's slides.

Principal DeMeo's presentation to the Waltham School Committee focused on the limitations of the current high school space, the major priorities of the school as he and his team imagine and design a new space in partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority, and the programs that will be enhanced. His slides are posted here, and the video of presentation to the School Committee on September 16th is available below.

Do you have feedback on the plan and vision for the future Waltham High School? Click on "Contact us" above to share your thoughts with Principal DeMeo and the School Building Committee.