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This fall flexible professional development is focused on helping teachers transform their practice through the use of digital tools. Digital pedagogy concepts we will cover include theoretical models for teaching with technology, using technology for classroom collaboration, technology as a facilitator of formative assessment, and technology for enhancing project-based learning. Digital tools we will address include Google Classroom, Google Sites, Google Drive, Google Forms, Nearpod, Book Creator, Explain Everything, Notability, and more!

Course Format:

This professional development option offers TWO choices to teachers:

    1. Teachers can take the Digital Learning Course. These teachers attend at least 5 workshop sessions and spend 15 hours completing assignments, including a culminating assessment. 
    2. Teachers can also opt to take the Flexible Workshop Series. These teachers can pick and choose which sessions to attend based on their interests.

Topics and dates are as follows:

    • 10/6: The Classroom Cloud, or Going (Pedagogically) Green 
      • Concepts: The Cloud and Google Drive Basics
      • Tools: GDrive for colleague collaboration and use with students
    • 10/13: The Communicative Digital Classroom
      • Concepts: Communicating digitally with students: dos, don’ts, & maybes.
      • Tools: GClassroom, GSites, GDrive, other tools!
    • 10/20: Creating a Classroom “Landing Zone”
      • Concepts: Developing a (lasting) classroom web presence
      • Tools: GClassroom, GSites, Wordpress, Weebly, and Wikis
    • 10/27: Formative Check-ins in Digital Spaces
      • Concepts: Moving informal assessments into digital spaces
      • Tools: Nearpod, Padlet, Drive+Kaizena, and Forms+Flubaroo
    • 11/10: Assessment in a Multimodal Digital World
      • Concepts: Creating and assessing multimodal digital texts with students
      • Tools: Google Drawing, Book Creator, StoryboardThat, & Podcasting tools
    • 11/17: The Inquiry-Based Digital Classroom
      • Concepts: Designing digital projects around student questions
      • Tools: Many of those listed above.. and maybe a few more!
Course Expectations:
Participants in the full course are expected to attend all workshop sessions, complete one of the challenge assignments at the end of each week and submit to our Google Classroom, and complete an integration project at the end of the course before the start of second semester. The integration project is described in full detail on the "Final Project" page linked here and above.