Grade 5

Standard 1:  Define an Information Task
  • Understand the requirements for a research assignment
  • After student understands a question, determine what resources to use and what information is relevant to answer the question
Standard 2:  Develop Information Seeking Strategies
  • Independently use the Plan, Do, Review approach when performing research
  • Extract information from a nonfiction text (understanding the purpose of components of a text, including graphic elements, glossary, sidebars, index, etc.)
  • With assistance, be able to differentiate a primary from a secondary source
Standard 3:  Locate and Access Information
  • Be familiar with and use online databases to get information (e.g., what information is available, which are general and which are subject specific) from both school and home
  • Understand the different features of a print and online encyclopedia
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of website navigation (e.g., sidebars, hyperlinks, browser buttons)
Standard 4:  Use Information
  • Use a strategy for note taking that includes reading selection first, selecting key words, using bulleted lists, and selecting information that answers the research question
  • Evaluate information from different sources (including websites) for relevance, reading level, authority, objectivity, currency of source, etc.
  • Paraphrase and summarize
  • Understand that images, text, and audio taken from website need credit
  • Find the information that is needed to create a bibliographic entry for books, encyclopedias, and online databases (e.g., author's name, title, copyright date, publisher)
  • Use of NoodleBib Express (MLA Starter) and understand how to navigate MLA Starter and skip unknown information
Standard 5:  Synthesize Information
  • Use collected information to create a product in the student's own words
Standard 6:  Participate in Collaborative Activities
  • Actively participate in a group project by selecting information and ideas, listening to other group members, and developing a final product