Walnut Ridge Homes Association

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About Us / Responsibilities

The Walnut Ridge Homes Association was created in 1988 when the 107 homes of our association were planned and constructed. The purpose of the HOA is to maintain property values by enforcing rules regarding the maintenance of our homes and yards.

The Walnut Ridge HOA is required by the city of KCMO to maintain the drainage areas of our community. This area is shown in the Property Map section of our website. The annual fees we collect pay for mowing, tree maintenance, the maintenance of the drainage system and liability insurance.

All of the officers and board members of our HOA are volunteers. No compensation is paid or permitted to be paid according to our bylaws.

Pay Dues

Starting with the 2018 year, statements will be mailed on paper around mid-December. Late payers will be given a second notice in mid-January. A third and final notice will be sent in mid-February. If payment is not received by March 15, a lien will be placed on the homeowner's property with Clay County, Missouri. The homeowner will be responsible for the fee plus the fee the HOA paid to place the lien plus the county fee to remove the lien.

Property Map

The areas bound in yellow are owned by the HOA. The total land area measures approximately 2.25 acres. The HOA is required by the City of Kansas City, Missouri to maintain these drainage areas. This includes mowing, tree maintenance and insurance.

The boundaries are drawn to the best of my "artistic" ability and may not be exact. :-)


Covenants / Bylaws


Bylaws published in 1991

Addendum to bylaws witnessed in 1993


Next meeting:

6:30pm on Monday, May 9, 2022

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