Dear Families, 
Reading, like any other skill, improves with practice. This suggested reading list includes a variety of reading levels and interests compiled by the school and public librarians for elementary school students. We hope you enjoy these titles this summer, and throughout the next school year as well. 

To help your child find a beginning reader or chapter book that matches his or her reading ability, ask your child to read a page to you. If he or she has difficulty with more than five words on the page, the independent reading level of the book may be too difficult. Another book with simpler vocabulary, larger text, or more illustrations per chapter might better suit your child. However, reading to and with your child is always beneficial and enjoyable. 

Our hope is that this list will provide your child with a starting point when visiting your public library, local bookstore, or a friend’s bookshelf. We encourage you to read above and beyond this list as per your child’s interest. The public library’s children’s librarians look forward to further assisting you in finding books for your child. 

Encourage your child to set goals for reading this summer. Choose a few titles from this list and check them off as your child reads each book. This year’s summer reading program at the Wallingford Public Library has a goal set for reading 600 minutes. If you reach this, try for the 1,200 minute challenge! Make reading a part of your daily summer routine! 

Whether your child is still emerging as a reader or is proficient at reading, continue to read to them. We believe as parents and readers ourselves that you will enjoy reading many of these titles together. Most importantly, have fun reading! 

Elementary and Public Librarians

Mike Arico..... E.C. Stevens
Melissa Dorish..... Pond Hill                                                                            
Wendy Fredricksen..... Parker Farms
Kari Hamad..... Wallingford Public Library  
Alyssa Johnson..... Wallingford Public Library                                              
Laura McCall..... Mary G. Fritz                                                                            
Allison Murphy..... Wallingford Public Library 
Anne Porier..... Moses Y. Beach                                                                 
Annamaria O’Brien..... Cook Hill
Sunnie Scarpa..... Wallingford Public Library                                            
Melanie Widman..... Rock Hill