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This Curriculum Corner is designed to give you information as it relates to curriculum and instruction at WIS.  For more information, please contact Dr. Ken Kunz, Supervisor of Instruction, at kkunz@wall.k12.nj.us or 732-556-2118.

WIS Curriculum

For more information about our school’s curriculum, including the NJ Student Learning Standards, Common Core State Standards, PARCC, and curriculum guides, be sure to visit our District Curriculum Department at http://www2.wall.k12.nj.us/curriculum/. Following this link will take you directly to WIS curriculum: https://www.oncoursesystems.com/curriculum/11728/9898547.

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Summer Reading Updates Coming Soon!

Mrs. Vanderhoof's Media Communications Class
Another amazing effort by learners at WIS! Check out Mrs. Vanderhoof's April and Beyond Page!

It's All Greek To Me!
Students in 7th Grade recently wrote personal narratives from the perspectives of various characters from Greek mythology. Check out students in Ms. Tirone/Mrs. Palmer's ELA classes!

Coming Soon: 6th Grade Greek Olympics!

Books for Every Reader at WIS!
This year, we made an effort to "freshen" up our 6th-7th-and 8th grade classroom libraries with new selections of books for students to choose from! Students are loving the variety of genres and titles, as our teachers confer with students on a daily basis during ELA instruction. Through one-on-one conferences, students are able to set goals, reflect on progress made, and work with the teacher to review skills and strategies taught in class. Pictures below are students in Mrs. Ehrlich's class participating in a "book tasting." At WIS, we have books for EVERY reader!

Here are students participating in a book tasting in Ms. Graybush's class!

Social Studies Winners!
Students in Mrs. Saini's 6th Grade Social Studies class show off their certificates after participating in the annual ELKS writing competition! Learn more about authentic writing in our blog above!

Student Bloggers
Are you a 6th-8th grade student interested in sharing your writing or a learning experience at WIS? Submit it to kkunz@wall.k12.nj.us. We would love to feature your work on our Curriculum Corner!