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I would also encourage you to visit Artsonia.com to view your student's posted artwork.  Parental permission is needed.

Click on Artsonia below to visit their homepage


The following supplies found around the home can also be helpful in completing art projects if we are on remote:

buttons, yarn, pipe cleaners, scraps of cloth, different types of paper, 
old magazines, cardboard
craftsticks, white paper plates
WAJ offers a well stocked elementary art room which allows students to explore different media and tools, and develop new skills.

Elementary art classes are 40 minutes long,  once a week.


Dear Parents and Students,
  Please read the following list that will be helpful if we are doing remote learning next fall or anytime during the school year.  I tried this year to keep supplies needed at home to complete projects posted at a minimum, but having the following supplies available at home will be most helpful in completing projects with more detail.

  HOME ART SUPPLY FOR                       2020-2021
       (all grade levels)

Construction paper
White paper
Glue, glue stick
Coloring materials:
        colored pencils
Watercolor set or tempera                       or acrylic paints 
Paper Punch

Grades 4, 5, 6