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June 16, 2023

Dear Families, 

Hello and welcome to 5th grade! We are looking forward to a wonderful year with all of you! The 5th  grade uses a departmentalized model in which each teacher focuses on one core subject. Students change classes for math, science, social studies and English language arts. Students will have a homeroom teacher and a cubby to store supplies. We use a color-coded binder/folder/notebook system to help with student organization. (Blue for science, social studies is green, yellow for math and red for ELA).

We will be studying many new concepts this year as well as practicing skills your child has already learned. We strongly encourage your child to memorize the multiplication table, as we will be testing students shortly after they return to school. Students also have a standing homework assignment to read each night and should always carry a book to read at school and for home use.

We have included a list of requested school supplies below:

The school will be providing a homework assignment book for recording important due dates and a Take-Home Folder for transporting homework assignments and school notices back and forth. If you have any questions, please call us at 734-3400. Looking forward to a great school  

I am looking forward to an exciting, rewarding year with all of you. 

 Welcome to Fifth Grade ELA!!

The students will have Book Journal Entries Due during the year. Attached is the outline for the Book Entries. The first Book Journal Entry will be due in the fall of 2023,

During the school year students are being challenged to read at least forty books during the course of the school year.

Name________________________________           Date_______

The Book Journal Entry 

Book Journal Entry


Title:                             ____________________________________


Author:                         ____________________________________


Genre (book type):     ____________________________________


Comments:  Answer each of the following questions in at least one paragraph.  You should begin a new paragraph for each number. 


1.    Give a brief summary of the book, include the theme.

2.    Tell about an event in the story you really liked or disliked and explain why.

3.    Who was your favorite character?  Why?  Give at least 2 character traits and give specific examples from the story that support those traits.

4.    Who was your least favorite character?  Why?  Give at least 2 character traits and give specific examples from the story that support those traits.  If you do not have a “least favorite,” pick another character to write about.

5.    What was the main conflict in the story? Who was involved?  Explain how the conflict was solved or not solved?  Evaluate the outcome (explain how you feel about it and why).

6.    Would you recommend this book to other kids?  Why or why not?  What would you rate this book on a scale of 1-10 (10=best).  Why are you giving it this rating?


**If your book is a biography or an autobiography: Do #1 as is.  In #’s 2 & 3, replace the word “character” with the word “person,” and answer the questions.  In # 4, talk about the problems the person faced, how he/she resolved them, and your opinion of this.  Do #5 as is.


**If your book is an informational non-fiction book:  For #’s 1-4, tell about 4 different things you learned and give your opinion of these things in a paragraph each.  Do #5 as is.