I am very excited to be teaching Computer Science and Math Classes this year.  

Open House:  

Thursday September 29, 2022


Learning Computers - An elementary course designed to improve students capabilities with computers, improve computing skills and keyboarding skills, and to introduce designing and creating programs

Computer Science Essentials - A high school course to introduce programing using Apps, robots, and the text language Python.  

Computer Science Principles (AP) - Upper level high school course aligned with the AP curriculum. The five Big Ideas of the course are Creative Development, Data, Algorithms and Programming, Computer Systems and Networks, and Impact of Computing.

Geometry (Regents) - A high school math course designed to discover and interpret theorems for shapes.  Successful completion of Algebra Required.

Pre-Calculus (CGCC) - Upper level high school math course designed to teach with applications in the following topics: Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Analytic Trigonometry, and Analytic Geometry

Family and Consumer Science (FCS) - (Formally Home & Careers)  - A middle school course designed to teach students communication skills, find ways to positively impact their community, and be work and career ready.  Activities include sewing and  learning to cook.

Contact Information

mpalumbo@wajcs.org - preferred 

518-734-3400 x1214

Room 232

Extra Help This Week:

Before School:  

7am -7:45, by appointment 

7:45-8am, stop in any time

During School: with pre-signed pass 

Period 1 Day 1 

Period 3 Day 2

Period 10 

After School: 

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 

Please sign up and let me know if you have a ride home

Expectations and Procedures 2022-23