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Critical and Creative thinking Lesson Plans  
Teaching Children Philosophy Lesson Plans Lesson Plans around Children Books 
Authentic Happiness Website Professional Reading  
Domains of Giftedness Professional Reading  
Dyslexia Potential Professional Reading  
Twice Exceptional Manual Professional Reading  
Is it a Cheetah? Professional Reading Article that uses metaphors to describe GATE students 
Differentiation Model Professional Reading by GERRIC 
Differention Toolbox - Brooke Trenwith Professional Reading Differentiated learning 
Solo Taxonomy Professional Reading Graphic Organisation 
Thinkers Tool Box Professional Reading Includes thinkers keys 
Overexcitability of the Gifted Professional Reading Overexcitability and the Gifted Author Sharon Lind  
CCC Thinking Professional Reading TKI 
Differentiation Professional Reading TKI 
GATE TKI Webpage Professional Reading TKI 
Identification Process Professional Reading TKI 
Implementing Independent Study - Google Days Professional Reading TKI 
Intensities, Sensitivities and Overexcitabilities Professional Reading TKI 
Special Programmes Within the School Professional Reading TKI 
Twice Exceptional Professional Reading TKI 
Regular Classroom Programme Professional Reading TKI - Details aspects of differentiate learning and teaching for GATE 
Solo Taxonomy Resources Resources  
School Colab Google Doc - Tiers Defined Resources Each domain + tier defined 
Kiva $25 loan Resources Students and parents can track progress of people in developing countries as they pay of a $25 loan 
GATE Mailing List Resources TKI 
Mindsets - Boosting Maths for Students Video  
Chill Out Song Video A song for students with stress or overexcitabilities. A nice time out song to listen to and calm down 
Why Gifted may not be as good as you think! Video Sensitivity of Gifted --> categories --> autism spectrum misdiagnosis  
Gifted, Creative and High Intensity Video Ted Talk - details examples of over excitability  
Showing 29 items