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2 AUGUST 2016
Hi we are Nickalous and Pip, two Year 5s

We are the first Rimu students to write on this blog but we won't be the last! We hope you will enjoy our intro!  As you might know, the Rio Olympics begin in two days and our class  want to cheer on the New Zealand Olympic team. We have about half of our class' students whose hobbies are the same as some of the sports at the Olympic games.  These include rugby (well, rugby sevens),  equestrian,  hockey, tennis, soccer, swimming, and of course, athletics! But we want to wish good luck to all the Kiwis.

Did you know the New Zealand rowing team is tipped to win NINE medalsHere are the expected winners this year at the 2016 Olympic games for gold.  They say rowing, sailing, shot put, womens' sevens , and track cycling will win gold. 

Forethe silver tt
they reckon golf, cycling, rowing, and mens' sevens.

 And for the Bronze, rowing, yachting, and equestrian three-day eventing team. Let's see what happens, and good luck team!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - thanks Mya for this fact - there are two mascots for the Paralympics and  Olympics. The Olympics mascot is called Vinicius which is a mix of Brazilian animals and Tom - the Paralympics mascot - he's a mix of Brazilian plants. Keep an eye out for them!


Rapare 4 Here-turi-koka 2016
East Otago Kaupapa Maori Festival Hui Ako

Today on the 4th of August East Otago schools went to the  Event Center at Waikouaiti. Everyone gathered in front of the stage in excitement. First up was a welcome, a karakia and some entertainment: Waikouaiti school were the first people to perform their waiata. Everyone was excited to see other schools sing and dance. There were leaders up the front - they were nervous and shaking. The first song was Ko Te Whirika and the second one was Hareruia. Everyone clapped for Waikouaiti school after they sang their songs. Next up was Big Steps. How cute were they!

Soon after Macraes/Moonlight and Flag Swamp were up on stage performing. They were pretty good.  There was a morning tea break part way through.  

Blog to be continued when we return to school tomorrow - it's 3 pm!!!! Haere ra From Jamaica and Briar, Y6 and waiata leaders today  Below you can see our school's cultural leaders, Saviour Y6 and Maia Y5, during our performance of Ko te Whirika. Hey, great job with the hui everyone, can't wait for next year but I can wait for the waiting in the hui. Finished by me, Ashton..

August Sorry everyone, it's a few days later but we couldn't 'finish it tomorrow' because it snowed and school was cancelled...

So, I Ashton Scott am writing it now, four days on...
8/8/16 2016  
Today in our class we have been brainstorming persuasive writing about computers and information technology. For  example, say if you agree or disagree that this technology is good and say why you agree or disagree. Personally I think technology has  made the world change amazingly, like me - I'm writing this blog right now. It's had a huge impact on everybody as it has also changed how people think and how easy it is to get info; it's like you have a whole library in your hand. We have also been making some blogs of our own about the Olympics, such as how New Zealand is getting on in the Olympics...

One silver for trapshooting so far...


9/8/16  Olympics Update, by Pip and Maia
   Yay!!!! another silver  medal at the Olympics by the womens sevens rugby  team. Unfortunately Australia won gold but that is debatable in our class - some people think that Australia got a try but other people think not. Some people think it was a knock on. It looked to me like the Australian player dropped the ball and put her arm under the ball before it crossed the line. You should take a look for yourself at

On the other hand we are in medal position for our 3DE equestrian  team (It consists of Mark Todd, Tim Price, Janelie Price and Tom Johnson) who are coming second on the table. And in the individual event Mark Todd is coming fourth. Tomorrow we will give you another update on the Olympics.  
Pip Y5


On the fourth day of the Olympics it was a disappointing  result for the New Zealand equestrian team after  Mark Todd  rode in his show jumping and knocked down four rails, putting us from the gold medal position, to fourth place. Sonny Bill Williams hurt his leg in the rugby sevens and New Zealand was turned to sushi by Japan with 14 points to us and Japan getting 17 points. But some of our rowers got into the finals. Pheww!

On Day Five in the women's and men's sailing, New Zealand are doing well.  We hope we can soon give you another update on some better news which includes more medals.
Poppy and Kate, Y6

New  Zealand won our first gold medal yesterday. It was won by  Hamish Bond and Erik Murray.  Luuka Jones won a silver medal at women's Kayaking single and it was the first time that women's  kayaking single had ever won a poppy 

15/8/16 Day 8 and 9 by Courteney and Anika
Wow, that was an amazing day at the Olympics in the weekend, Mahe Drysdale won the second gold medal for New Zealand in Rowing. So far  New Zealand has won two gold medals and six silver medals, but still no bronze. Valerie Adams won a silver medal in Woman's shot put, and came first in the qualification but sadly in the finals she came in 2nd place and she was beaten by an American lady called Michelle Carter.

Going into finals  - no medals but medal hopes...
Wow no medals overnight but New Zealand has gone into the finals for cycling, success in quarters by the Black sticks, sailing and Lisa Carrington with her amazing canoe sprinting, we hope they can all  win some more medals so we can get that MEDAL tally up....  It would be awesome to  have 12 medals  anyway, yusssss that the Blacksticks won the semis against Australia 4-2; now MORE MEDALS PLEASE 


WEDNESDAY 17/8/2016

WE ASKED AND WE GOT!!!!!New Zealand has won another gold from Lisa  Carrington in canoe sprinting (some even say she's the Usain Bolt of the canoeing world!)  and we've also won our first bronze from Sam Meech in sailing.So now we have ten medals in total.  Lisa Carrington might win another gold in her next canoe sprint and we've also got another gold in the bag (but not awarded yet) more on that later......

18 August 2016

Hi, this is Hugh and Flynn and we are going to make an interesting and exciting short blog...

Hi, this is Maia and Saviour and we are filling in for Flynn and Hugh while the're away getting our Mini Olympics ready.  So far we have won ten medals, three golds, six silver and one bronze. Lisa Carrington got our third gold in canoe sprint. GO Lisa!!! 

Another very special Olympic memory was made, and it involved a New Zealander, Nikki Hamblin and her opponent, Abby 'D Agostino in the track. They had collided with each other and then Nikki helped Abby with her injury, but they still trudged on to the end of the race.  The  announcer said "you can go straight to the finals!"  This show the true spirit of the Olympics,  which includes friendship and sportmanship. Some people say they would probably be friends for life now.

Hi, we are Pip and Maia
Today is the closing ceremony for the Olympics, we have done a great job this year with a total of 18 medals doing very well in the water sports such as rowing a gold from Mahe' Drysdale, Hamish Bond and Eric Murray all got gold, Genevieve Behrent and Rebecca Scown got one of our silver they had a very good win. The 33 year old man Nick Willes won a silver in the 1500m race shooting up to second, at the last minute. He is praised for being the oldest man to win a medal in this event "well done Nick."

The New Zealand team shot off to a great start, here are some of  our medal winners like Sophie Pascoe and Mary Fisher. Sophie  won a gold and silver medal in the pool and visually impaired Mary Fisher  has won two gold medals, and got a new world record for backstroke.  Let's not forget amazing Liam Malone on his blades.Liam Malone  is a runner. He just won his second gold medal!!!!! 
Good luck guys and keep pushing to your limits - we wish you luck!!!! 
Kate Year 6