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Hello and welcome to Rata class for 2016!  Rata Class is a year 3 and 4 classroom, with 25 delightful and wonderful children.  My name is Mrs Hurst and I teach 4 days a week and Mr Prescott works with the children on Friday's.  

The children in Rata class have many opportunities to be involved in activities both in and out of the class.  As we are from a small rural school the children are involved in a range of sport and cultural activities including netball, miniball, hockey, and this year were part of the cluster hui ako. We have 2 representatives from our class who are on the student council.  

Rata class is always welcoming to family and whanau who may want to come in and see what the children are doing in class and you can also check out the Rata student page.  


by Lily Burwell

Waikouaiti school was established in 1860 and has been around for 156 years. There are 85 children at this school and it has 4 classes called Pikopiko, Harakeke, Rata and Rimu. Waikouaiti school is in Waikouaiti, which is south of Dunedin.

The Staff

In Waikouaiti school we have a lot of staff. We have 4 teachers called Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Hall, Mrs Hurst and Mrs Russell. We have the teacher aids called Fiona, Dee and Ki. The caretaker is called Mr Watt. The secretary is called Jill and the principal is called Mr Prescott.


We have lots of activities that we do at school. Every day we do reading, writing, maths, news and topic. After school on different days miniball, cricket, soccer, and art classes are held. Hockey and netball are held in Dunedin.


In the playground we have a slide, a pole, monkey bars, a flying fox, two tunnels, a pole slide, a chain bridge and a chain ladder Everyone plays on it. There is also a jungle gym with a low bar and a high bar. You can do flips and stuff on them.


I think more people should come to Waikouaiti School. I really enjoy going to Waikouaiti School.

By Lily Burwell


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