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Piko Piko

Welcome to Pikopiko where we do loads of learning disguised as fun, fun, fun! This is where more formal learning really begins at Waikouaiti school. 
So far this year we have a class of 14 enthusiastic children. Come in and see us in action. We love showing off what we have been doing.

Term Two
Fantastic things are created, friendships grow, and we learn from each other when we work together!

We took advantage of the sunshine and moved our class outside for a large part of the morning. We did  reading, writing and took advantage of the sandpits to work on our creativeness and team work skills. While we were outside Emily discovered two birds busily fussing around a nest. We were amazed to see the birds had used part of a plastic bag in their nest! Tomorrow we are going to make our own nests.

Week Four
What fun we had during the FMS Challenge at the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin! We had lots of physical challenges and enjoyed them all!

Week Three

We had a great visit from St John's and did some fun activities. We are now all learning our phone numbers and address just in case we might need to ring Emergency Services to help someone in need.

We have been given a big bucket of Gears and what fun we had inventing ways to use it!

Weeks One and Two
We dressed in Otago Highlanders colours and did some chanting to inspire the highlanders to win. Go the Highlanders!!
We decided that we just love Autumn! We wrote about it and did some great leaf craft to go with our writing.

Mother's Day card making - what a treat!
Boys reading and loving it!
Welcome to Zevi and Jake - we love having you here.

Week Eight and Nine - Term One 2016

Triathlon Time!!
What an amazing time the children had at the triathlon. All their training paid off and they all did so well! 

Here we are waiting to start the race...
We're off!
Now for the biking...
Then off to the running and the end!
Thanks Senior buddies for doing the race with us.

Week 8
We asked a question...
Do bees drink water? 
We really were not sure at all so we did a mini investigation and made a flow chart to show what we did.
So now we know that bees DO drink water!

Week Seven - Term One 2016
Pikopiko people are EXPLORERS!
Exploring Numbers!
Exploring insect habitats and using paint!
Exploring interesting ways of entering the classroom!
Exploring with our buddies!
Exploring with the camera taking our own photos of our own work!
We love being EXPLORERS!

Week Six - Term One 2016
Kylie brought us in some honey bees for us to get a real close look at. We talked about  bee body parts, found out what they eat, what and how they collect pollen and nectar, and what the inside of a hive looks like, plus many more interesting facts. Some of the children made  bee hives and we all had a go at sorting out insects from other mini beasts. The highlight of the week was eating honey sandwiches!  
  Oops! Honey on my face, yummy!

We were extra luck this week. Charlotte brought us in a swan plant with four caterpillars munching on leaves. Now it is Friday and three of the four caterpillars have gone into their chrysalis.  We learnt the word for this although it is very tricky for most 5 and 6 year old people to say!  
We can't wait for the butterflies to hatch out!

Week Five - Term One 2016
On Wednesday we went to the Forsyth Barr Stadium for the Get Set Go event. We did lots of super fun activities. The most popular activity was the obstacle course. On Thursday we decided to make our very own obstacle courses for a dinosaur. They turned out great!
Now for our own obstacle courses!

Week Four - Term One 2016
Water, water everywhere!
What fun we have had this week with water day on Tuesday afternoon and then  Beach Ed on Friday. 
We collected data for maths - "Hmmmmm, what is your favourite fruit?"

"I am learning to write my name. Look how good I am getting!" said Sam.

Week Three - Term One 2016

We have been sorting and displaying objects in maths!
Look at Maddison and Milah pointing to the words!

Hamish and Sam came for school visits. They will be starting school very soon and we can't wait!

We are painting jungles for our big book called 'The Jungle Concert'.

"Look! We made the word 'sat'" said Maddison, Neeve, Milah and Devan.

Week Two - Term One 2016

We have had a wonderful week of bubbles! The children chased bubbles, popped bubbles, counted bubbles, wrote about bubbles, blew their own bubbles and did some very beautiful bubble art. 

Nature Discover Time this week! 

For maths we sorting our harvested 
 Our tomatoes looked and tasted yummy!

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