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Welcome to the wonderful (and often wacky and weird)  world of Harakeke class!  
Our classroom is filled with gorgeous Year 2 and 3 learners who have started the year proving themselves to be Superheroes by being brave, learning risk-takers (willing to give everything a go!) and who show perseverance when the going gets tough!  We have discovered that we all learn in different ways, some of us prefer to listen, others to see, and some to 'do'.  Many of us are a combination of these.   This means Mrs Hall's job is to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for each of us to do so.  We will be exploring Play Based Learning (or Guided Play) this year to help this happen.

Rippa Rugby Training
North Otago Rugby have sent some of their finest to help share their skills with us!

The vegetable patch we planted last year is looking brilliant and producing madly!  You won't believe how high the sunflowers have grown.  The zucchini's have been doing well and we discovered that they are pretty darn tasty in a Zucchini Chocolate cake.  Here's our recipe below ...

Woop!  Woop!  It was water week last week and what a wet week it was!  We had a fantastic afternoon having fun with water and then finished the week learning how to be Surf Safe at Waikouaiti Beach on a stunningly hot afternoon.  Many, many thanks to the amazing team of parents and grandparents who helped to keep an eye on the children in the water.  We can't provide these opportunities without your support and we really appreciate it!

We have been very fortunate to gain a grant from the Bendigo Foundation and was able to purchase some Maths Numicon materials to support our learning.  It's great fun and really helps us to clarify our thinking about problem solving, not to mention the great communication between children and explaining what and why they did things the way they did!

Get set, Go ... at Forsyth Barr Stadium was a great day out and fun to explore loads of great activities.

Here's a few shots from our amazing mini apple crumbles - our problem was too many apples left in the snack bowl before the holidays.  Solution - make a dessert!  The breakout space looked a little like a ninja movie as we all chopped the apples - pieces flying everywhere, but the end result ... delish!
The triathlon was a challenging afternoon as we took part in swimming, biking and running but the sense of satisfaction as we reached our goal - the finishing line and our chocolate bikkie medal - was immense.  This also sparked some fabulously descriptive recounts by our writers including detail such as Sophie completing the run with only one shoe, feeling excited, nervous and satisfied, hearts pounding and smiling all the way.
We are growing ... inside and out!


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