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This is such a COOL story

Hi my name is Stella the bookworm and I have colourful diamonds on my back.  Um… can you keep a secret?  I like stealing books from the town library and 2nd hand shops and other places like that.  I like nibbling the corners off pages,and I turn them with the end of my tail. People get very annoyed with my friends and I.  

One of my friends is Jami.  She likes reading adventure books in the sun, and is not nearly as naughty as me.  Jami has light blue and light green stripes.

I lie a lot to other bookworms.  I live at Green the bookworm’s home with Green, Sophie, Black,and HaHo.  Whenever lots of people (or one) stand on me, I get very angry and start to nibble their shoelace, and that’s when they start to laugh at me.  It is very upsetting you know.  But they do come home with a shorter shoe-lace.  Revenge for me!  

When I was little, I liked to climb up the washing line and nibble the corners of the clothes (just to tell you, I obviously can’t ride a bike or scooter, because it is very hard for worms to ride them, and they are a monstrous size for us, they are bigger than a child’s foot!)  

My best friend is Sophie (and not to mention that Black is my boyfriend).  

Written by Hazel Burwell (Year 2)

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