Philosophy Seminars 2018

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All seminars are open to the public.  Feel free to advertise them broadly.  

6/9: TBD
Michael-John Turp, University of Canterbury

19/9: Hobbes on Reason about Action 
Michael LeBuffe, University of Otago

Hobbes may seem to reduce moral commands (you ought to seek peace!) to less mysterious dictates of enlightened reason (if you want to live, then you ought to seek peace!). If normativity is what makes the former mysterious (what makes peace good?), such a move will only have replaced a norm of action with an equally mysterious norm of reason (what makes this well-reasoned?). I argue here that Leviathan avoids norms of reason and so avoids this problem. To be a law of nature, for Hobbes, is just to be something that all reasoners agree one ought to do (we all agree: seek peace!). Laws of nature are therefore about normative claims, but do not themselves depend upon norms of morality or reason. 

2x/9: TBD
Daniel Hutto, University of Wollongong / University of Hertfordshire
Shay Logan, North Carolina State University (tentative)