Panopto at UOW

✔ The Quick Access Check-list:
Panopto recodings are saved in a folder generally associated with a specific University paper.  You will only have access to recordings in a folder if you are enrolled in that paper or have been specifically added to the Panopto folder. Some recordings are publically available but most will require users to log into the system to view them.  It is important that all users log into the system using 'elearn' as the login provider.  If you do not have access or have logged in incorrectly you will see a message advising you of this.

See the Viewing recordings page for full details on how to access recordings from the Moodle block and how to log in using 'elearn'. 
✔ The Quick Recording Check-list:
Before you want to make a recording, create the folder by adding and configuring the Moodle block. Before you Start Recording check the folder is correct and add a title to your recording.  Ensure the sound meter levels are responding to your voice and check the appropriate inputs (eg. screen, PPT). Remember to click the Stop button before logging off the computer.

See the Log in & Record page for full details on how to create a recording.


The University is committed to providing a solution to enable staff and students to capture and delivery audio and video content.  In 2009 the University of Waikato implemented Panopto as the centrally supported lecture capture system.    

Users are able to record content in lecture theatres as well as from their office or home computer.  Panopto is primarily used as a lecture capture tool but is becoming increasingly popular as a supplement to help documentation in the form of screencasts.  

Panopto is integrated with Moodle which makes it easy for lecturers to create recordings that are automatically available to students within the Moodle course.  Recordings can also be viewed directly from our Panopto server and where required MP3 and/or MP4 versions can be linked to or downloaded.


The ITS Service Desk is the first point of contact for Panopto assistance.  WCEL offer regular workshops and support documentation is available online via this site as well as the Panopto Support Site.  Group workshops can be arranged as required, contact the ITS Service Desk (, ph: 4008) for further information.