The purpose of these help files is to give step-by- instructions for some of the processes used to create an eportfolio. There are other self-help resources for Mahara  for both staff and students available via

What is an ePortfolio System?

An ePortfolio is a system you can record evidence of your learning – such as essays, artwork or other things that can be stored digitally, these are known as artefacts.

To allow others to view your artefacts you need to add them to a Page or Collection of Pages. An artefact can be displayed on more than one page. You can have as many pages as you like, each with a different number of artefacts, intended purpose and audience (the people you wish to give access to your page). Your audience can be added as individuals or as a member of a group. It can also be made publicly available.

Portfolio work with Mahara (CC-SA Catalyst IT and others)

Types of ePortfolios

Generally ePortfolios can be classified into three broad types, depending on their purpose. Learning ePortfolios have learning as their main focus, and are often associated with assessment or assignment requirements as part of formal study. Showcase ePortfolios are exemplars of the best work and artefacts a learner has completed, and are sometimes used as a type of extended CV to complement a traditional format CV. Credential ePortfolios are collections of evidence that enable the author to qualify for a particular status or recognition, for example, meeting the requirements for teacher registration or membership of a professional society such as Chartered Accountants.