Meet Pania, a composite academic at Waikato University.  She represents some of the different ways that our staff are using Google Apps in their day to day work.  Pania may appear to be a wonder academic at times without some of the pressures that academics feel and describe; this may result from foreshortening her engagement into one day. That said, all of the activities described are things that some people do at some time, and for some of us we may do most of these things over a fairly short timespan.

  1. Breakfast
    1. Check gmail
    2. Check Calendar
  2. Lecture
    1. adjust presentation
    2. insert YouTube video
    3. add to shared folder
    4. off to lecture
  3. Have coffee
    1. Arrange travel on Talk
  4. Research Colleague
    1. Check times and set up meeting with hangout
  5. PhD Student
    1. commenting & chatting on a doc
  6. Committee
    1. Checking docs in a shared folder
  7. Sites
    1. Checking groupwork
  8. Scholarly activity
    1. Catching up on reader
    2. Writes blog
  9. Sorts out Brown Bag Lunch
    1. inserts form and checks responses in spreadsheet.
  10. At home
    1. Phone reminds her of hangout meeting
    2. Has hangout with Switzerland