Welcome to Room 5

Term 3

Week 9:
Cross Country!! What a beautiful day we had for our Cross Country races!  It was great to see all the children trying their best with most finishing without stopping once :) 
Photos to come.....
DON'T FORGET Karaka's Talking Zoo on the afternoon of Monday 25th of September!  Come along and learn about all kinds of animals and listen to your child's presentation :) P.S - some children may bring a black and white copy of their presentation home over the weekend - please encourage them to do so (especially if they feel nervous presenting in front of others).
Week 5-8:
We have had a busy 4 weeks researching information about a chosen animal.  The children have been finding library books and learning how to use search engines effectively to find information.  They have been working very hard to create a presentation for our talking zoo in Week 10!  We began with an information web to help their planning in order to focus the questions they wanted to find out about.  We then began writing a draft report using our notes and turning them into full sentences and paragraphs.  Lastly, they have had to work on a good copy presentation on google docs.

Over the past 4 weeks, we have been learning about persuasive writing.  The children have learned about slogans, rhetorical questions and the use of commands to persuade the reader.  We have worked on some awesome arguments ie. Should animals be kept in a zoo? Should we have school on the weekends?  and Should we wear school uniforms?  Watch out for this one in the children's learning folders at the end of the term.  We have also worked very hard on creating our own adverts.  The children had to plan them then make them up on google docs.  You can view them on Room 5's Work page!


Welcome back to Term 3!  Three weeks have already flown by very quickly, with everyone getting straight back into learning and activities.  We have had a fun session of blow up soccer, started gymnastics and had a visit from Ned - the yo-yo wizard!  This term we are learning about Animal classification, extinct animals and about endangered species.  We will look at how extinct animals shaped our past and the impact we can have on endangered species for our future.


Week 9- 10
The children spent time designing and creating their own kites.  They had to decide on the best shape, size, and materials to create a kite that would fly.  All the children worked really hard on this project and showed great perseverance, cooperation and adaptation skills.

Week 8
This week we created a prototype kite and tested it to see how the wind and our movement affected the flight!  Now we will design and create new kites that will hopefully fly effectively.

Week 7

This week we tested out the best Pendulum.  Designing the ideal swing based on weight and string length.

Week Six
This week we made some Pendulums and experimented with different weights and lengths required to make the best swing.  Next week we will design and create the ultimate pendulum to use in our 'hit the target' challenge.  Children might be looking around the house for useful pendulum bobs!
Just a reminder that this is the last week to learn and practise a poem for our poetry reading next week.  Please bring a copy of your poem to class and be ready to present  from Monday.  If you are feeling particularly anxious about performing in front of the class you are welcome to have your parents film you presenting it at home then email it to me.  I can play it to the class as opposed to you standing up in front of the class.  If there any other questions about the poetry reading please feel free to ask or email me.

Week Four and Five
Room 5 have been doing a lot of measuring this term! We have been solving practical measuring tasks using appropriate metric units, making benchmarks and estimates, recognising the need for a standard unit of length and measuring to the nearest centimetre, metre and litre. Check out what we have been up to...

Week four
We had a fascinating week discussing our environment, including our visit to the Tread Lightly caravan.  As a class we discussed the 5 items we would take with us if we had to move to a different planet.  Some of the answers were very interesting and it really made us think what is important.  Try having this conversation at home with your family!
Tread Lightly was lots of fun with some informative, interesting activities.  The children have made a pledge about something they are going to do to help the environment.  A picture of them holding this pledge will come home shortly.  Make sure you show your parents and talk about how you are going to stick to your pledge :) 

Week three
We have now had two awesome Paddock to Plate sessions.  The children worked together to create Chocolate, beetroot muffins and pancakes.  They also helped out with some planting, weeding and composting in the garden.
Week two

Another great week of learning!  Thank you to all the children who have paid for Tread Lightly and for bringing in the forms.  I have enough parent volunteers now and will be emailing the helpers with details next week.  
Our Science this week was based around creating a Catapult that could fling a small plastic bug the farthest distance.  We found out about needing a good pivot point, lever arm and good force to create the most successful Catapult.

Week one
It has been a great start back with all children showing good enthusiasm and positivity towards our learning this term.  We have had fun starting our new Science topic 'Movement'.  Continue to ask the children what experiences they are having in class this term as they may be able to demonstrate some interesting experiments, skill and knowledge.

We have Tread Lightly Caravan coming to school in Week 4 to teach the children about our environmental impact.  Our session will be on Wednesday at 1.30pm, if there are any parents that can help with this session please return the orange forms as soon as possible.

Week eleven
This week we were lucky enough to have a Turbo Touch lesson.  The children had a great time learning some new skills.  We will have 3 more lessons next term.

Thank you to all the parents and students that attended our 'Share my Learning Evening'!  I hope you enjoyed seeing and hearing about the work your child has been doing this term.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting me via email or making a time to come in a discuss it.

HAPPY EASTER and have a wonderful, safe holiday!!

Week ten
The children had a fantastic time on their Easter Egg Hunt this week :) 

Week nine
We had a busy week working on samples and spelling tests ready for our portfolios.  Everyone is still working hard on our Sime adventure stories and we look forward to sharing them at 'Share my Learning' evening!
Some children in the class joined me for a creative dance workshop this week.  We spent time working in a group developing some movements and putting them together.  They then presented their mini dance in front of the others.  Then each child individually developed a movement sequence based on an everyday event.  All the children involved seemed to enjoy themselves and were able to practice communication, collaboration and imaginative skills!

Week eight
This was our last week of swimming and we were lucky with the weather to get in the pool most days!  Next week we will start syndicate sport which is on a Monday afternoon and will cover a range of Physical Education skills.

 Week seven 
This week we did some experimenting to create the perfect slime mixture.  The children worked really well in small groups to create a mixture of their perfect texture and colour.  We have now begun a writing task based on the idea of our slime coming alive.  We will take a few weeks to create an interesting adventure that we can hopefully turn into a mini book.

Week five - six
We have been working hard these last few weeks setting up independent learning in Reading with the implementation of Daily 5 and the CAFE menu for reading skills! 

Week four
Life saving skills - floating in a life jacket and huddling in a group.

 Week three

The children have settled back into routines very well this week.  They have all worked extremely hard on PAT and STAR tests this week, showing great concentration and determination to complete these.  The results will help show me what areas individuals need support with and it will help inform my planning.  It was our first week back into reading, homework and spelling, so hopefully all the children have worked hard to complete this on time.  Just a reminder that the books that are sent home need to come back in the book bag everyday, as we use the books in class on a daily basis.  

Week two
We are very lucky to have Fulton Swim School in for the next few weeks!  Please remember your togs everyday as these are fun, valuable lessons :)  We are looking at our class responsibilities this week and the different ways children can be responsible for their own learning.

Week one

This is an exciting first week, all about getting to know the students!  I am very happy to be back after an enjoyable holiday and I am enthusiastic about creating an inspiring, supportive and motivating classroom.

Please feel free to pop in and meet me or email me for an appointment if there's anything you wish to discuss!  



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