My Research

My research adresses the transport of ions across epithelial tissues. I studied potassium secretion across the amphibian skin and sodium chloride secretion across the opercular membrane of bony fish, a model epithelium for the investigation of the function of the teleost gill epithelium. A major portion of my research addressed sodium chloride absorption across gill epithelia of crustacea that live in diluted aquatic environments like brackish waters and freshwater. In the last years my research analyzes the transport of nutrients and acid-base equivalents across the midgut of larval mosquitoes.
For readers already familiar with epithelial transport I recommend to directly go to my publications that are all accessible as pdf files. For readers not familiar with epithelial transport I recommend to read my outlines about the structure of epithelia, about the importance of epithelia, about ions and and about epithelial transport and its regulation in order to better understand my actual work that is presented in the other sections.
An anterior midgut of a larval mosquito tied with a human hair onto a perfusion pipette (left) and held in focus with a glass rod (right). The purple color indicates a pH like drain cleaner.