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Solenoid Valve Cleaner

To get lid of sludge is to remove the problem!

■ A full set of Solvaner  


   Solvaner body + stand + ultrasonic cleaner set ( tube stand included)

■  Flushing Steps to clean Solenoid Valve

 1. Before using Solvaner, Check TPS value and self-diagnose by using scan-tool.


 2. Check out, whether temperature of transmission gets reached appropriately.


 3. Separate solenoid valve connector from the transmission, and connect with SVC-2004.
 4. Pour ‘Flush oil’ on ATF(automatic transmission fluid).


 5. And turn SVC-2004 on.


 6. Roll the test switch while measuring an electric current.

 7. If every current value is in acceptable range, Set timer roughly 20~25 minutes after.


 8. Set a car in motion and stand a gear in neutral (N).

 9. Operate every toggle switch (or LED lamp switch). 
     If your car has 5 solenoids, set up by CH5.
     If your car has 6 solenoids, set up by CH6.


 10. Cleaning speed should be arranged a half of capability of Solvaner, in order to get the best performance.


 11. 20~25 minutes later (It depends on how you set in #7 process.), Turn a car off and toggle switches down.

       If you set a switch on continuous mode, cleaner will be turned on.


 12. Exchange ATF(automatic transmission fluid) and pour ‘stop leak chemical’ or treatment chemical.


 13. Detach Solvaner from a car, erase TCU’s trouble code.


 14. Have a trial run. (A trial run will be more efficient, if you don’t change ATF(automatic transmission fluid).