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Singsing Probe

Singsing Probe



Just touch the coiled part,  Singsing Probe will sing for your diagnosis!

When you touch the coiled part, Beep and Lights on?

That meas the part itself has no problem at all!



Please visit the below and watch how to use.


Please refer to the following while watching CD.

A) Lamp and beep

When you watch the demo, you'll see that the glittering of lamp and the sound varies upon the actuators.

It's because each parts have different magnetic power.

As long as the lamp and beep is on, that means the actuator is working well.

But if the lamp and beep is off, that actuator has a problem.

Therefore, our Singsing Probe could be a key role when mechanics judge which part is breakdown.

B) Switch I and II from Singsing Probe mainbody

Switch II : For normal use.

Switch I : For the part of which regular magnetic power is very strong.

Some parts have very strong magnetic power. Those parts still remains magnetic a little even though it doesn't work well.

In this case, Switch II can make lamp and beep on.

Then, change the switch I into II and test again.

The real working condition

Start the vehicle. Don't take off any actuators from the vehicle. And touch each part with Singsing Probe.

 Testing CRDi Injectors

1) Increase the RPM of engine a little bit more.

2) Put the switch of Singsing Probe onto Ⅱ.

3) Find the location of coiled part and touch the part with Singsing probe like the following picture.

  Sometimes a user puts the Singsing Probe onto the part of no coil inside.

  Then, singsing probe doesn't react well because the product's important role is DETECTING MAGNETIC POWER.

  So, please explain the above and make the mechanics understand well during promotion.

  Remark : In case that an auto part has very little magnetic force, some people have difficulty in finding a coiled spot.

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