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Relay Circuit Tester


Relay circuit tester is aimed at finding the problem of the circuit intuitively!

~How to use~

1. Pull off the test relay and exchange it for the targeted relay.

2. Connect the power to the battery.

3. Connect the relay circuit tester and the test relay with a data cable.

4. Press the Relay Type Selection S/W (green buttons) to select the appropriate relay type. (A and B type are general A contact type and C is B contact type)

5. Activate the relay. If the relay is properly activated the indicator lights on battery power and the voltage is displayed on the numeric display. Monitor the each three color LED.

(Each 3 color LED is logic probe. Not only has 3 color lamp, but also has logic probe. If there is no ground, no lamp turns on)

6. To read voltage on the each pin, use the relay pin selection S/W.

7. If it’s not connected, the 3 color lamp turns off and the voltage meter shows “oPn” to indicate that the pin circuit is opened.


With the relay circuit tester, any relay circuit such as an air conditioner compressor, a rear glass heating element, or a cooling fan motor can be inspected immediately for a problematic circuit in a short time.

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