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ECU Saver


                   ECU Saver [GN-710]

Saves you from the worries about erase of the data when you separate terminal from battery!




1. Supported OBDII vehicle - Connect the clamps to battery. Then, the green light of battery connection lamp

                                          turns on.Plug ECU Saver to OBDII connector of vehicle. (put Ignition key off)


    Non supported OBDII vehicle -  Turn the ignition key to "ACC". Plug the cigar jack cable to cigar jack of vehicle.


2. Pull out the negative terminal(-) of a battery in vehicle.


[About front lamps]

[What’s included]

1. ECU Saver
2. Cigar jack cable

[ECU Saver Applications]

※ Note


* Even if the clamps are reversely connected, no damage causes in your vehicle. 
The internal circuit of ECU Saver will automatically block the power.


* Overload may cause damage in a fuse of cigar jack. 
If you need to replace of it, turn the tip of male cigar jack and change the fuse with new one.