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Virtual Office Training, Consultancy and Information Services     

   Welcome to Project Vyas.

This is the official website of Project Vyas sponsored by Vyas Information Center, started to create social and economic change in Rajahmundry using modern communication technology. 

Our training division trains people in Internet concepts, computer usage, office and productivity tools,  using virtual working solutions for their personal and professional purposes.

Our consultancy helps implement these tools in their professional environments so that they can work smartly from where ever they are. This kind of working is normally known as virtual working, telecommuting, at home working, home based business, home based working. This also include paperless office solutions, digital office, smart office, small office home office ( SOHO ) whatever you may call it, it is modern way of working using Internet connected computers and gadgets. 

Our information services will provide information of  Rajahmundry business listings. 

We are offering  services to job seekers whether they are trained in our organization or not. keeping and forwarding their data to required agencies and companies through our placements services.  

Now we are providing total solutions to local businesses and industries to implement above said solutions in their environments.

We have added a blog exclusively for Virtual working opportunities. It covers time tested services and genuine opportunities. You can try those opportunities. These opportunities are of varying degrees of income generating and complexity. As they are free to get in you can get try them. If at all you want more elaborate counselling and training please get in touch with us. 

Here is the new blog Work in Cloud

Part of Project Vyas we have started a blog for Rajahmundry which covers latest events and news so far we have received overwhelming response for the few and selective post we have posted. We are proud to say we are coming on top of search results in Google and able to provide our readers valuable information in right time. After taking into views and inputs from many of our readers we are convinced that we shall go to the next level.   

It has been a decade We have started promoting Virtual Working. Now We have come near to implement our dream project's first phase. We are building a national directory and calling it Project NBD. This is the first step in making one of the best workforce in the world of manual indexing. Gradually the involved will be handling the projects of higher complexity. We have already started recruiting our team of FVAs ( Freelance Virtual Assistants. For more details go to our campaign page. 

Soon we are coming up with an exclusive portal for Rajahmundry which contains news, events, business directory etc

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