Feedback from Vidya's Students at VYANJAN

2) I have taken a lot of cooking classes and Vidya's are the best! Watching her work in her home kitchen with her extensive pantry and well seasoned pots and pans is wonderful. Her methods of preparation are simple yet provide a complete meal of carbs, proteins and fat. I learned new ways to prepare foods I have used for years. Her knowledge of the health benefits of numerous spices, and how easy it is to get flavorful meals is tremendous. I have taken 3 classes and look forward to many more! - Lori Lyman, Long Grove, April 27, 2019.

1) I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Vidya.  She has a very calming and peaceful  temperament, was so sharing of information and encouraged sampling of ingredients, we had never tried before.  I walked away with an appreciation of Indian vegetarian cuisine, some delicious recipes and the desire to learn more.  Everything we made was delicious - I had leftovers to share with my family too! - Amy Milller, Long Grove, April 27, 2019.