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Schedule and General Information

The master schedules for Day 1 and 2 are available by clicking the link in the left hand menu. For a more consolidated version by region, select the region you are interested in for the schedule for both days.
If you are new to Second Life and require an avatar and orientation to Second Life we have an orientation guide available. Use the Rockcliffe Community Gateway on sign-up. 
Conference Locations
Please note that these locations will not be open to the public until Thursday afternoon (3pmSLT)

Conference Location

   SecondLife URL
VWBPE Stonehenge Social Hub

VWBPE Central Departure Area
VWBPE East 1
VWBPE East 2
VWBPE West 1
VWBPE West 2 Upper
VWBPE West 3
VWBPE South Poster Exhibits   
Broadcasts and Overflow Locations
Treet TV is again broadcasting directly into overflow locations within Second Life.
Sessions to be broadcast are marked by a Treet TV Link in the conference schedule.
Additional sessions may be available through Metaworld 2, or Metaworld 6 but will not be streamed back into Second Life.
For those people that want to particiate in a cross-sim / cross-platform interactive chat session during the conference, two dedicated SL Groups have been set-up for each session.
  • If the session is marked Chatroom A then you need to join the VWBPE Chatroom A group.
  • If the session is marked Chatroom B then you need to join the VWBPE Chatroom B group.
 Overflow Location    Second Life URL   Number of Avatars
 RUC Rotunda (Rockcliffe University)




 Metanomics II (Remedy)


 Hobo Villa